765 S. Center St.

Corry Municipal Authority has accepted a bid for the sale of 765 S. Center St.

A home located at 765 S. Center St., that was purchased by the Corry Municipal Authority was awarded at Tuesday's authority meeting to the highest bidder of a sealed bid process, Sheila Long, for the amount of $60,100.

City Manager Jason Biondi said the bid was approved if they are able to meet the bid requirements between now and the closure on Dec. 30, and also research will take place to see if any debts are owed to the city. If any are found, those would need to be paid in full before the closure process could be completed.

The parcel on which the home sits was a 3 1/2-acre property and was subdivided to be used for two-phase citywide water infrastructure upgrade project.

The subdivision created about 3 acres on which was built a booster pump station, leaving the rest of the surrounding land wooded, Biondi said.

"It ties directly to the property the city already owns. It connects to Seneca Park, so we kept it as an opportunity to have a big enough piece to evaluate as an alternative well site," Biondi said.

About half an acre was left with the home.

The Corry Municipal Authority paid $83,000 for the parcel and while the city was not the purchaser, Corry City Council was expected to weigh in on whether a bid should be accepted.

"We did purchase the property for a substantial sum more than that, about just shy of $30,000 more than that, but keep in mind, we've subdivided off the majority of acreage to facilitate the pump station and also have it connect into Seneca Park," Biondi said.

Other bids submitted were $36,900, $32,000, $47,251 and $39,100.

If a bid was not accepted, the other options would be to either re-bid or to list with a realtor, Biondi said.

"This also gets it back on the tax rolls," Corry Mayor Dave Mitchell said.

Corry City Council voted to recommend the authority accept Long's bid, which was presented to authority members at Tuesday's meeting.

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