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UNION CITY — A local 36-year-old man is facing several counts of arson for allegedly setting multiple vehicles on fire, prompting officers from the Union City Police Department to be called to a borough home last week. 

Union City Police responded to a disturbance call at 96 E. High St., Union City, at about 5:25 p.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 6.

Residents at the house reported to police that their roommate, Adam Elder, of Union City, had set several vehicles on fire outside, including two ATVs and two automobiles in the driveway, according to a news release from UCPD. 

David Pernice, chief of Union City Police Department, told The Corry Journal there were no active fires when police arrived because a male resident was able to extinguish the flames. 

"It was all put out at that time," Pernice said. "The one ATV was actually on fire pretty good and he was able to put it out pretty quickly."

When police arrived at the scene, an officer observed the male resident with burned hair from attempting to put the fire out on an ATV close to the house. 

Pernice said the same man have had little burns to his face but it was nothing serious and no one else was injured.

Police found Elder inside of the residence and took him into custody. He was then transported to Erie County Prison and held on a probation detainer. 

"He's on probation so they were able to put him on a detainer because of the charges that would be pending on this incident," Pernice explained. 

UCPD is filing the following criminal charges against Elder at District Judge Denise Buell's office: Six counts of arson, two counts of recklessly endangering another person and one count of causing or risking a catastrophe. 

The charges had not been filed yet as of press time today.

"We will be filing those as soon as possible," Pernice said. 

He said the department is charging Elder with six counts of arson because of numerous applicable subsections of the law that apply to this incident. 

"You have a couple counts involving the fact there were some people inside of the house," Pernice said. "In the actual section of arson, there's just different subsections that have different particular applications to the law."

During this incident, police learned that there were two other residents inside of the house, an adult and juvenile female. 

Pernice declined to comment as to why Elder set the vehicles on fire, stating he did not want to touch on any testimony or anything of that nature at this point. 


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