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Through the process of a deed transfer requested by a local company, it was discovered a small parcel of railroad property owned by Northwest Pennsylvania Rail Authority was never divested after its dissolution in May 2013.

Corry City Council voted at its recent meeting to transfer ownership of the parcel to the Corry Redevelopment Authority for $1.

However, the transfer request that prompted the attention was made by Hensa Stmp Inc., formerly Chase Manufacturing, 9 Pennsylvania Ave.

Hensa's property is adjacent to the parcel and it is requesting to have the parcel subdivided for part of a planned expansion. 

In researching the property to make the request, it was discovered the parcel had been owned by the Northwest Pennsylvania Rail Authority and was not divested after the authority was dissolved.

The Northwest Pennsylvania Rail Authority was created in 1994 by the city of Meadville and the city of Corry.

Any properties owned by it were conveyed to the municipalities at that time. 

The parcel was never divested during all the transfers that took place and by default ownership reverted back to the city of Corry. 

The parcel is shaped similar to a rectangle. It has one long side against the Hensa property, one short side against Pennsylvania Avenue, and the remaining sides are against an RDA owned railroad property.

With a subdivision being requested, Council members agreed it would be easiest to transfer the property to the RDA for $1 and let the RDA work the subdivision at the same time as the transfer. 

"Said parcel will be subdivided by the authority, with the city's input, to allow for further development of the former Chase Manufacturing," City Manager Jason Biondi said.

He went on to say the transfer may be to the redevelopment authority or one of its umbrella organizations.

In other news, Corry City Council voted to approve a request from the Erie County Tax Claim Bureau to approve the sale of property at 532 W. Second St. to Jeffrey S. Myers, of Fairview, for the sum of $250. 

Myers attended the Council meeting to answer any questions.

In his letter of intent, he said he wanted to purchase the property to be used in conjunction with a 2.3 acre West Second Street property he already owns. 

Myers said he would like to renovate the properties and has a goal of opening a music camp. He is a concert pianist with Chautauqua Institution.

"I believe in this music camp and I believe it can be linked to the Chautauqua Institution," Myers said.

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