Fire Department News

During Monday’s Corry City Council meeting, Council received the August reports from Corry Fire Department, which showed $200 in losses for fires, and 22 fire incidents and 71 EMS incidents.

For the month, the average response time – dispatch to arrival – was seven minutes and 25 seconds for fire and six minutes and 43 seconds for EMS.

The average turnout time – dispatch to en route – was four minutes and 44 seconds for fire and one minute and 25 seconds for EMS. 

“Last month, Deputy Chief Chris Lyon was able to take his fire inspector 1 class and he was recently notified that he passed the class,” Corry Fire Chief Jim Lathrop said.

The purpose of the program is to identify individuals who demonstrate competency in the performance requirements for the duties of a fire inspector. The NFPA 1031 Standard for Fire Inspector Professional Qualifications identifies the minimum requirements for an individual to perform the duties of a fire inspector.

Council members congratulated Lyon for passing the class.

In other news, Corry City Council approved a letter of intent to study fire and ambulance services. The letter will be sent to the Governor’s Center for Local Government Services in Harrisburg to request technical assistance.

By submitting the request, a municipality agrees to cooperate with the center. Upon looking through the request, the Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) will determine the level of assistance.

The purpose of the study is to look at current ambulance services in the city of Corry and the viability of a regional ambulance service. It would also explore the idea of this regional service being run by the city, or operating under the current Emergycare structure.

Noted from the letter of intent is an intergovernmental agreement that identifies that Stanford Hose Co. — volunteer arm of the Corry Fire Department — and Columbus Volunteer Fire Department are in the process of a merger. 

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