Amy Helmer is trying to help Corry youth with their plans to build a skate park.

While the young skaters have been holding up their end of the deal, Helmer feels slighted that City Councilwoman Candy Sliker, the city’s director of parks and public property, has not provided any input on the skate-park project.

Helmer expressed her concern at Monday’s council meeting, pointing out that Sliker was not in attendance.

“She’s an elected official, should she not be coming to these meetings?” Helmer said. “If you’re an elected official, you should be doing your job.”

Sliker said this morning that health issues have prevented her from attending meetings.

“I’ve been dealing with some chronic health issues with myself and my family,” Sliker said. “I am considering resigning. I’m thinking about the possibility.”

Sliker, a Democrat, was elected to a four-year term on City Council in November and was sworn into office in January. The first-time public official has attended only a handful of council meetings since. Sliker also has not regularly attended meetings of the city’s airport authority and golf commission and the Mead Park Association, areas that fall under her jurisdiction as director of parks and public property.

Sliker had been excused from attending several meetings earlier in the year because she was traveling out of town. Since returning to Corry a couple of months ago, she has attended only one council meeting.

Council meets in regular session the first and third Mondays of the month and holds a public work session on the second Tuesday of the month. A work session to review the city’s budget is held one hour before the second regular council meeting.

Al Wood, chairman of the city’s Democratic Party said he believes the city still is in good hands despite Sliker’s repeated absences.

“It is a concern, but that’s why we have more than one person running the city of Corry,” Wood said. “We’ve got qualified people there who are paying the bills and keeping the city going.”

The mayor and City Council members are paid every two weeks for performing those duties.

Mayor Scott Sanford receives $1,200 per year and City Council members Dave Maryott, Tom Lathrop and Sliker receive a yearly stipend of $900. After taxes, Maryott, Lathrop and Sliker take home about $30.50 every two-week pay period, according to the city treasurer’s office.

Helmer said she was miffed that Sliker was being paid, even though the elected official had not been attending meetings.

“She’s getting paid and she’s not doing her job,” Helmer said.

Two additional Corry residents, Mike Largarticha and Dave Armstrong, questioned if there was any legal way for the board to remove Sliker from office for failure to attend meetings.

City Solicitor Paul Carney said removing officials from office in a third-class city like Corry is not so simple.

“It’s a political solution, not a legal one,” Carney said.

See the Journal's Tuesday, July 20th edition for full story.

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