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Jamie Petrush, 25, of Corry, is the magic behind Magic Man Industries. Some of his favorite tricks are close-up magic tricks such as bending metal forks with his mind, a sponge ball routine and an invisible deck trick.



When Jamie Petrush purchased a magic kit at a Scholastic Book Fair in first grade, his obsession with magic was just beginning.

“I was hooked right then,” Petrush said.

Throughout elementary and high school, the Corry native spent time learning and perfecting new tricks; he entertained friends at birthday parties and at school.

In 2006, Petrush created “Magic Man Industries” and began performing street magic for small groups.

“Street magic specializes in close-up magic. One of my favorite effects is bending metal forks with my mind,” Petrush said.

His repertoire includes such classic tricks as card magic, coin magic, levitation, and many other sleight of hand effects.

Petrush also plays the violin. Combining his love of magic and the violin, he developed a signature trick in which he causes a violin to float and play simultaneously.

After graduating in 2012 from Seeker’s School, an online high school, Petrush took a year to continue working on his magic and plan his future. In October 2013, Petrush headed for Los Angeles.

“I was accepted to the Chavez Studio of Magic in L.A. I took a 5-month course in stage magic,” Petrush said.

Many world-famous magicians, including David Copperfield, have attended the west-coast school.

“I just finished in March and now I’m back with a brand new act,” he added.

While Petrush performs for open houses, corporate events, and wedding receptions, he especially enjoys performing for kids.

“I’ve done shows for the Corry Library as well as the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization fundraisers,” Petrush said. “When kids are involved, I do the show with a raccoon puppet, and sometimes he gets more applause than I do.”

Petrush is a member of both the Society of American Magicians and the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

For more information about Petrush, visit magicmanindustries.com.

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