The employment picture in Corry has not shown improvement the past year — at least not according to the earned-income tax figures for the second quarter of this year compared with the same time a year ago.

Receipts for the 1 percent wage tax collected by Corry’s earned-income tax office for the second quarter of 2010 — April, May, and June — were about $35,000 less than a year ago.

In 2009, second quarter receipts totaled $394,803, compared with 2010, where receipts totaled $359,288.

Traditionally, the second quarter has been the highest quarter for receipts into the EIT office, but starting in 2009, figures were the lowest since 1999.

Joannie Smith, earned-income tax collector for the city of Corry, said there are a couple of reasons the second quarter is dipping.

“One of the main reasons is that self-employed individual and those working out of state are now making estimated quarterly payment through the year,” Smith said. “Plus, the economy is still having a major effect on receipts.”

Smith went over the receipts and disbursement for the second quarter during the Earned-Income Tax Bureau’s recent quarterly meeting.

Disbursement for the second quarter totaled $412,335. Of that, the city of Corry received a payment of $5,821 and the Corry Area School District received a payment of $221,744.

Second quarter distributions to other taxing districts for the first quarter of 2010 totaled $162,533.

Of that amount, money distributed to municipalities within the Corry Area School District totaled $92,276 and the money was was paid as follows:

• Columbus Township - $24,204

• Concord Township - $15,490

• Elgin Borough - $2,734

• Spartansburg Borough - $3,338

• Sparta Township - $8,965

• Wayne Township - $28,340

Money was distributed to municipalities outside the Corry Area School District as follows:

• Union City - $5,415

• Union Township - $4,587

• Bloomfield Township - $3,564

• Erie city - $4,712

• Millcreek Township - $4,633

• Titusville - $6,613

• Spring Creek Township - $9,206

• Warren - $13,425

The receipts of $359,288 came from the following:

• employee withholding totaled $253,843

• quarterly distributions from other tax districts totaled $54,215

• receipts from prior years from other districts totaled $5,623

• 2009 individual tax-return payments totaled $32,359.

The third-quarter receipts July and up to Aug. 6 totaled $356,432. Disbursements for the same time totaled $156,130.

The city and the school district have received their next payment for the year in the amount of $75,886 each. The city and school district have each received a total of $297,630, which is 82 percent of the $360,000 designated for each in the budget.

Voting members who approved Smith’s quarterly report were Roger Butters, Roger Stranahan and Pat Migliaccio (via phone). Absent from the meeting were voting members Mayor Scott Sanford and Peggy Gates.

In addition to Smith, others who attended the meeting were Tonya Schrecengost from the Corry Area School District, city Treasurer Tom Winchell, city Controller Diane Cowles, and city Administrator Gerry Dahl.

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