Skateboard group acquires property for skate park

Journal photo by Stephen Sears - Members of Skate Corry PA and the Corry Community Development Corp. gather at the site of a 2.9-acre plot of land on Hatch Street that has been acquired in hopes of developing a skate park in Corry. In front, from left, are Skate Corry PA members Marcelle Dyne (with T-shirt), Lori Albert and Len Clark. In back are Skate Corry PA members Mike Linden, President Nate Myers, Vice President Craig Myers, Mike Butcher and Secretary-Treasurer Peggy Munn; and CCDC President Mike Largarticha.

Mike Linden overlooks the flat slabs of concrete, the stumps and full-grown trees that now inhabit a 2.9-acre plot of land at the northern end of Hatch Street behind the Route 6 Plaza.

Instead of rubble and wilderness, the members of Skate Corry PA visualizes a bright future for the city’s skateboard enthusiasts.

“I see the best skate park in the area,” Linden said. “I see potential. I love this spot.”

The Corry Community Development Corp. recently acquired the land as a gift from Corry residents Bob and Theresa May and is holding the property in trust for Corry Skate PA. The skate group now hopes to develop the property — a former gravel pit — into a skate park.

Skate Corry PA formed in 2010 in the wake of the city’s Corry 2020 visioning process. Group members, which include adults and young skaters, appreciate the generosity of the Mays.

“God bless ’em,” said Craig Myers, Skate Corry PA vice president.

Nate Myers, Craig’s brother and the president of the organization, also thanks the couple.

See Wednesday, February 8, 2012 issue of The Journal for complete story.

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