A local man was found to be intoxicated and unconscious behind the wheel of a vehicle stopped on Route 426 on Saturday afternoon. 

Officers from the city of Corry Police Department were called to 12140 E. Main St., near Victoria on Main, at 3:49 p.m. on Saturday for a complaint of an unresponsive man in a vehicle. 

Steven M. Vancise, 41, of Corry, was found unresponsive behind the wheel of a silver 2009 Chevrolet SW which was stopped in the eastbound lane of East Main Street (Route 426) with its engine running and vehicle not in park, according to a news release from Corry City Police. 

Two other motorists and an off-duty city police officer stopped to assist with the incident until police, fire and EMS arrived at the scene. 

According to witnesses, who had to enter Vancise's locked vehicle using a "slim jim," they reached into his vehicle to place it in park, turn off the engine and remove the keys. 

Vancise has to be extracted from the vehicle and was transported via ambulance to Corry Memorial Hospital, an affiliate of LECOM Health, for suspicion of driving under the influence. 

He was later arrested for DUI, recklessly endangering another person and careless driving. Vancise will answer to the charges before District Judge Denise Buell at a later date. 

Corry Fire Department assisted with directing traffic until Vancise and his vehicle were removed from the roadway. Leroy's Towing was called to remove the vehicle. 

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