Tammy Kecer-Brown, left, and Barbara Moore

Community Nursing Services of North East will have a new executive director on Sunday. Tammy Kecer-Brown, currently a business manager, will replace Barbara Moore, who has served as executive director since 2014. From left are Kecer-Brown and Moore.

Health care is always changing.

At least according to Barbara Moore and Tammy Kecer-Brown of Community Nursing Services of North East. 

The latest change for them will be Sunday when Kecer-Brown takes over for Moore as executive director of the hospice agency.

Kecer-Brown takes over with 34 years of health care experience under her belt. She has known Moore for over 10 years and thinks the transition should go well.

"Barb has been a mentor of mine for a very long time. Since I began, I've tried to make myself indispensable to her," Kecer-Brown said. "I think the transition will be ok, not that there won't be any hiccups."

Kecer-Brown and Moore met in 2008 while working at Corry Memorial Hospital before being paired up again in 2015 at Community Nursing Services of North East. 

Kecer-Brown started her medical career at a children's hospital in Pittsburgh after graduating from Point Park University with a master's degree in health care administration and management. From there, she moved back to Corry, her hometown. 

"I graduated from Corry high school and grew up just outside of Columbus," Kecer-Brown said. "I have worked in numerous physician offices, Corry Memorial Hospital and as an administrator at a local non-skilled home care company."

Though Kecer-Brown has worked in a number of locations in Corry, she hopes Community Nursing Services is the final one.

"I hope to finish out my career here, though I'm not sure when that will be," Kecer-Brown said.

With Moore's retirement, 49 years of health care experience is coming to a close. She has been with Community Nursing Services since 2014 and worked in the Corry area since 1991. Before Corry, she lived in Kansas City, Kansas.

"I loved my job and I am going to miss it," Moore said. "I don't have anything planned yet as far as retirement goes but I would love to travel."

Moore graduated from Kansas City Kansas Community College as an R.N. She began her career by working in an inner-city hospital in Kansas City as an evening supervisor. 

"It was a wild and crazy place where people would drop off someone that had been shot and just leave them outside," Moore said. "I learned a lot about remaining calm and expecting the unexpected. It was pretty crazy."

Moore moved to the Corry area in 1991 with her husband. She worked at several locations in Corry including Corry Memorial Hospital and Corry Regional Hospice (now Regional Home Health and Hospice).

"The only thing that's consistent in health care is change. Corry hospital decided to divest of home health and hospice and sold it to Saint Vincent's in 2007 or 2008," Moore said. "Subsequent to that, Saint Vincent's moved it out of Corry and Corry was left with nothing. During all of this, I decided to work at Community Nursing Services of North East.

"Eventually a prominent health care professional in Corry, who asked to remain nameless, asked for our company to bring its services into Corry, which is how I ended up back here."

Though Moore is excited for her retirement, she won't stay away for long. 

"I already have a day scheduled to come back and work with Tammy. We have been so busy we still have a little orientation left," Moore said. "I love hospice, so I may volunteer after a couple of weeks."

Looking into the future, Kecer-Brown hopes to expand coverage area if possible, but there is other work to be done first. With changes to Medicare, Community Nursing Services of North East has to adapt.

"We need to focus on adapting to the new changes with Medicare," Kecer-Brown said. "We also need to work on making Corry an official branch, which has been in the works for awhile."

Though Corry is not an official branch of Community Nursing Services of North East, it still holds to the organization's mission, provides a comprehensive range of health services, improves the quality of life, optimizes health and enable people to remain in their community.

Kecer-Brown is looking forward to taking over as executive director.

"I am excited for my new role. It's going to be an adventure full of challenges," Kecer-Brown said. "There is so much competition in our area and health care is always changing."

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