The Corry Area School Board decided the school district does not need a specific person named as a liaison person for the Journal.

The board on Monday voted not to appoint social studies teacher James Wojcicehowski as a “local paper coordinator.”

The position was on the board’s agenda for approval with a supplemental pay rate of $1,561.

The board voted unanimously not to hire Wojcicehowski for the job.

Voting were board members Gene Stoddard, Peggy Gates, Roger Stranahan, Mike Kondrlik, Robert Craker, Betty Lees, Deborah Wood and Doris Gernovich. Christine Johnson was excused from attending the meeting.

The vote came after a discussion when Corry resident and former board member Rodney Person said the position has been on the supplemental contract list for “years and years.”

Person asked if there is a job description for a local paper coordinator.

When Superintendent Brian Dougherty answered, “No,” Person asked the board not to fill the position until there is a job description.

Dougherty said a member of the district’s bargaining unit had asked about the position because it is part of the district’s contract with the Corry Area Education Association.

Dougherty said the district has a Web site, Pride and Promise newsletter and Channel 8 local TV as ways to get district information to the public.

Lees then asked board members why they should “duplicate” what is already in place.

“Why are we, as a board, spending $2,000 if we have four groups?” Lees said.

She said the four groups are TV Channel 8, the district’s Web site, the newsletter “Pride and Promise” and Journal reporters.

Lees said the salary for the position, with benefits, totals $2,076.

The board then, voted 8-0, not to hire Wojcicehowski.

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