The Corry Area School Board approved several personnel items Tuesday night, including two teachers for tenure, and volunteer coaches.

The board unanimously OK’d Paula Royo and Amy L. Hodak as tenured employees.

To become tenured, professional employees must complete three years of service and undergo six satisfactory evaluations.

Royo is a third-grade teacher at Columbus Elementary School. She was hired and began teaching in Corry on Dec. 4, 2006. Her tenure date was Aug. 24, 2009.

Royo’s salary at the date of her tenure was $44,269.

Hodak is a kindergarten teacher at Corry Elementary School. She was hired April 18, 2005, and started teaching Aug. 29, 2005. Her tenure date was Aug. 29, 2008.

Her salary on the date of tenure was $41,663.

Voting for the tenure were school board members Peggy Gates, Doris Gernovich, John Gray, Chris Johnson, Mike Kondrlik, Delbert Liller, Steve Redrup, and Roger Stranahan. Member Deborah Wood was excused from attending the meeting.

In other personnel items, the board:

• OK’d a leave of absence for Amy McQuiston, a fourth-grade teacher at Corry Elementary School, from March 22 through June 4.

• appointed Chandra Johnson as a long-term substitute third-grade teacher at Columbus Elementary School to replace Lisa Royek, who resigned. Johnson prorated salary is $39,663.

• approved Max Frisina as a substitute to the service personnel list.

The following volunteer coaches were approved for the 2009-10 winter and spring sports seasons:

• Christopher Bailey (nondistrict), varsity wrestling

• Kenneth McChesney (nondistrict), elementary wrestling

• Andrew Gourley (nondistrict), elementary wrestling

• Mark Munsee (nondistrict), elementary wrestling

• John Hasbrouck (nondistrict), elementary wrestling

• Kevin Goode, (nondistrict), elementary boys basketball

• Suzanne Goode (nondistrict), elementary boys basketball

• Mark O. Chase (nondistrict), varsity softball

• Delbert Liller (nondistrict), varsity softball

In other business, the board approved students from Union City Area School District and Titusville Area School District to attend the Corry Area School District as tuition-paid students.

The board’s finance committee and property committee will meet Monday at 5:15 p.m. in the administration building conference room. They will look at the first run of the district’s budget for the 2010-11 school year.

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