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City of Corry officials have put together several road projects to be put out to bid, which include streets to be tar and chipped by city crews.

A list of road projects was submitted by City Manager Jason Biondi to Corry City Council at its recent meeting.

One road project will be the first use of tar and chip equipment purchased by the city in December 2019 with a $70,000 2018 Multi-Municipal Collaborative grant from Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority for Corry and Union City, and a $50,000 donation by LECOM Health.

Biondi said a normal construction season would start for the city when the weather breaks but in 2020, COVID-19 forced the city to take measures to keep employees separated, which they wouldn't have been able to do when learning to use tar and chip equipment.

"Last year with everything that went on with us shuffling around schedules and everything due to COVID, our construction season was very delayed getting started, so the city employees did not tar and chip last year," Biondi said.

He said employees were split into small crews on different shifts to keep them separated. It was not conducive to start learning a new process such as tar and chipping.

Gates Street from Main to West Washington streets, Lemon Street between West Pleasant and West Main streets, and Sixth, Fifth, Fourth and Third avenues between West Pleasant and Main streets are scheduled to be tar and chipped.

City crews will also be tar and chipping parking lots. They are the lot under the train mural next to 26 N. Center St., the lot at 29 N. Center St., the lot next to 117 N. Center St., the lot next to Fire Station 2 at 26 E. Washington St., and the lot at City Hall at 100 S. Center St.

Larger projects are being put out to bid.

"We haven't performed any of that type of work and it's going to require training and time before we get efficient at it," Biondi said. "We knew initially when we purchased the equipment, we were going to start with smaller sections of roads, intersections and parking lots to get our experience level up."

A primary bid package is being put out to bid to remove bricks from several roads, repair the base of those roads and pave. 

The primary package includes East Park Place between North Center Street and Maple Avenue, Maple Avenue between East Park Place and East Smith Street, and East Church Street between South Center Street and Concord Street.

Also included are the intersections of Concord and East Church streets, Concord and East Pleasant streets and ADA crosswalks.

An alternate package put out to bid is milling and paving Chestnut Street between South Center Street and East Street, Marion Street between West Smith Street and Mound Street, and Mead Avenue between West Washington Street and West Main Street.

It will also include ADA crosswalks and paved curbs.

Those streets were tar and chipped in September 2019 and Biondi said it was a low-cost way to get those streets to hold together until they could be addressed properly.

"We knew some of those streets were in really rough shape and we were trying to address the worst streets in town," Biondi said. "We tar and chipped them to get us through."

A second primary package going out to bid will be a double coat of tar and chip on Spring Street from a newly paved section to Ridge Street, Worth Street between West Smith Street and West Columbus Avenue, and Wright Street from East Congress Street to Snyder Circle.

An alternative package for tar and chipping dirt streets includes Ridge Street from Spring to Lake streets, Lake from Ridge streets to Seneca Street, Myrtle Street from Brook to West Church streets, Hatch Street from West Smith Street to West Columbus Avenue, and Shady Avenue from the city border to South Street.

The city uses money distributed by PennDOT — called liquid fuels funds — for road projects.  

Biondi said those funds won't be released until March. 

He went on to say he expects the funds to be similar to the amount received last year, which was $240,915.


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