The several hundred names engraved into the granite blocks at Corry’s Constitution Wall ensure that those individuals who have served or continue to serve their country will never be forgotten.

The names of another 200 individuals are waiting to be added to the wall, which is located along Wright Street at Corry Elementary School.

Many of the 100 granite blocks that will include those names were purchased nearly one year ago at $60 per name and have not yet been placed on the wall.

Those people have not been forgotten either, said James Wojcicehowski, the adviser for the Corry Area High School History Club that sponsors the Constitution Wall along with the Corry Area School District.

The 100 blocks, which will include two names each, are scheduled to be installed soon, weather permitting, Wojcicehowski said.

“They are ready to go up,” Wojcicehowski said.

He said the History Club would like to have the blocks in place for Constitution Week, which will be celebrated Sept. 14-18.

A series of delays, starting with an early winter that began with an October blizzard, has kept the blocks from being installed, he said.

“The weather really hurt us this year,” said Wojcicehowski. “And it has been so wet this summer.”

Wojcicehowski said installing the 12-by-12-inch blocks on the wall requires warm weather to ensure that the blocks stick. He said Corry contractor Dale Lewis will be installing the blocks for the History Club.

“Dale has to have some good hot sun to warm up the wall,” Wojcicehowski said. “The work should take a few days to complete.”

Lewis also is expected to remove white stains caused by water leakage that mar some of the blocks already on display at the wall, Wojcicehowski said.

Putting the new blocks on the wall also was stalled because the granite orders did not arrive on time.

“The granite comes from China and we had delays with that,” Wojcicehowski said.

The good news is that the new batch of blocks are finished products that simply need placed on the wall, he said.

“Don Clickett has already completed the engraving,” Wojcicehowski said.

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