One computer.

One vote.

That’s how it used to be if you wanted to vote online for projects you believe would best serve the Corry community as identified through the Corry 2020 visioning process.

In order to get more people to complete the Corry 2020 Community Projects Survey, the visioning team has tweaked the online voting procedure.

Now, more than one person can vote from the same computer. Individuals still have only one vote, but now one-computer households can have multiple family members cast their ballots from one location.

“We had lots of feedback from husbands and wives and kids who wanted to go back and vote on the family computer but couldn’t,” said Renée Lamis, of Dynamic Visions Consulting, who is heading up Corry 2020. “Now, they can just log in separately.”

The voting deadline to take the survey at is Dec. 31.

“There are only a few day left to vote, so we want as much input as possible,” she said.

The purpose of the Corry 2020 visioning process is to identify and implement ideas to improve the qualify of life in the Corry area.

Between April and November, 32 public forums, involving 267 people from the Corry are, were held to brainstorm ideas for future projects. Another 35 people completed an online survey to list possible projects.

Those proposed projects are now grouped into 15 themes and people are asked to identify the five themes they deem most important.

The 15 themes include topics such as beautifying Corry, developing cultural opportunities, improving health care, improving Corry schools, and promoting Corry.

The remainder of the survey contains specific project ideas listed within each of those overall themes.

Filling out the survey should take about 15 minutes, Lamis said.

“We want them to choose the projects they care most about,” Lamis said. “It’s up to the person who is voting to decide how detailed they want to be.”

To date, 225 people have completed the survey, she said. And people who don’t have access to a computer still may vote by completing a paper survey. They are available by calling the Corry Chamber of Commerce at 665-9925.

“We need more people,” Lamis said. “It’s a lost opportunity if people don’t take the time to vote.”

Once the survey voting is complete, the Corry 2020 visioning team will form teams of volunteers to begin the process of implementing the chosen projects. Simple projects may be undertaken quickly; more complicated, long-range projects obviously will take more time, Lamis said.

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