The 54th annual Rotary 4-H Achievement Night was recently held and several leaders in the Warren County 4-H were honored for their service and milestone achievements.

First year leaders included Cody Brown of Warren, Rodney Curtis of Corry, Stephannie Hulings of Kane, Joanne Miller of Russell, and Kristy Turner of Pittsfield. 

Silver clover pins for five years of service were presented to John Emahizer of Warren and Sonya Anthony of Sugar Grove. 

Reaching five years marks the success of being able to multi-task several club responsibilities in an ever-changing program.

Receiving a 10-year gold pin and certificate as a leader with the Scandia Trail Blazers, Josh Schrader of Sheffield, was honored. 

Schrader has supported a number of 4-H clubs through his work with the Kinzua Ridge Runners, Pittsfield Bronc Busters and now the Scandia Trail Blazers. 

In his 10 years, Schrader has chaired countywide 4-H horse programs including, the county horse show and Camp Giddy UP Go.

Kelly Boisvert of Youngsville also completed her 10th year as a leader with the Sugar Grove Ruff Riders. 

The Ruff Riders are the oldest club in the Warren County 4-H program. Boisvert has brought her knowledge of the equine industry to the club. As a one time member of the program, Boisvert continues to ensure the longevity and practicality of the historic club.

Honored with the pearl clover pin and certificate were Matthew Maille of Pittsfield and Heather Wilcox of Russell, each were recognized for 15 years of volunteer service with Warren County 4-H. 

Maille initially started in a helper’s role with the Sanford Saddles & Spurs club and now encompasses three of the Maille family members. 

Maille along with his wife, Diana, and daughter, Katelyn, each share leadership roles in the horse club. 

Maille often supports countywide horse programs such as chairing Camp Giddy UP Go, the county horse show, and was barn chair for the 4-H horse section of the Warren County Fair. 

Maille has a very positive and calming approach to working with youth. 

The 4-H program has received Wilcox’s support through the horse, dairy and teen council clubs. 

She finds creative ways to keep members active in their clubs while providing solid guidance. Members that have worked with Wilcox find her caring and common sense approach reassuring. 

In her 15 years, Wilcox has assisted with Camp Giddy UP Go, dairy overnighter, judging contest, horsemanship skills, 4-H Development Fund Board and many, many 4-H meetings.

Rick Lowe of Bear Lake for reached 35 years of volunteer service.

Throughout the 35 years, Lowe has assisted with a number of 4-H projects and programs. 

Supporting the 4-H Horse program through clinics, camps, and show may be enough for some leaders but Lowe took steps to further his involvement by starting a small engines club. 

Teaching youth mechanical, engineering, and technical skills to rebuild an array of engines brought a new and fascinating project to the county. 

Lowe’s commitment did not end there. He was a dedicated volunteer for the regional 4-H camping program since the early 1990s. Lowe volunteered for the four day, three night camp up until this year. 

Yearly 4-H members from the 10-county region of Northwest Pennsylvania looked forward to the teambuilding challenges that Lowe taught them. He gathered and toted supplies from Warren County to the rural camp location in Venango County every year for the good of the youth.

Dianna Sleeman of Warren has led a number of clubs and supported many 4-H members throughout 40 years. As a one-time 4-H member of the county, Sleeman developed a love for the youth program that has lasted decades. Not only did her parents encourage and foster Sleeman’s love for agriculture, they honor others with the same passionate commitment to the 4-H program through their Memorial Award — Leo & Arlene Rapp Community Service Award. 

Sleeman not only supports 4-H but she is a long-time Penn State Extension Board member and has supported her son, daughter, granddaughters, and grandson in the program. 

A congratulations was extended to all leaders for their commitment and dedication to helping the youth of Warren County. 

The 4-H program is a youth development program of Penn State Extension.  It is open to all youth between the ages of 8 and 18, without regard to ancestry, color, disability or handicap, national origin, race, religious creed, sex, sexual orientation, or place of residence.  

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