The Kiwanis Club of Corry recently announced the list of BUG Award winners for the fourth nine weeks of classes. The awards were BUG certificates, bumper stickers, BUG pins, stickers, and gift certificates from McDonald’s and Arby’s.

For Corry Elementary, the winners are: Leigh Ann Campbell, Daniel Alverio, Amanda Sterling, Darrin Jewell, Janna Smulik, Jordan Proper, Kalib Campbell, Katrina Lehner, Keaton Chase, Noah Beers, Owen Carey, Teagan McKnight, Tyson Bailey, Brad Belfiore, Davia Fisher, Zack Lesher, Zarik Grow, Chaunice Torres, Caitlynn Murdock, Emily Sonntag, Alexis Loveland, Hunter Fink, Kade Culver, Cameron Daniels, Hope Ford, Brandon Fuller, Sree Jupudy, Jared Kurtz, Brandon McCray, Monikah McCray, Logan Miller, Nick Rogers, Dylan Vanderhoof, Kayla Whaley, Kayla Hollabaugh, Lauren Caputo and Joey Perry.

For St. Thomas, the winners are John Brady, Lucas Saborsky, Olivia Panetta, Sammi Burger, Caleb Munn, Allison Zaczkiewicz, Meg Goodsel, Daniel Buell, Katherine Brozell, Victoria Breeding, Jacob Durmis, Abby Whitaker, Austin Goodsel, Ryann Brundage, Abby Gluvna, Brooklyn Goodsel, Rachel Dingfelder, Emily Dingfelder and Emilay Zaczkiewicz.

For Sparta, the winners are Zoey Howell, Baylee Roush, Emily Schweitzer, Myla Curtis, Rebecca Gill, Emily Mead, John Roberson, Christopher Sutherland, Ben Long, Gabriel Eismont, Jacob Clabbatz, Zachery Eismont, Zachary Graham, Jack Gill and Kodey Kusiak.

For Conelway, the winners are David Anderson, Kayleigh Johnson, Gregory Lindsey, Lucas Mitchell, Caleb Mitulski, Michael Oblinski, Amanda Osborne, Andrew Sandberg, Luke Short, Chelsey Toplovich, Brittanni Akam, Jade Bailey, Tagen Dingfelder, Lindsay Zajac, Whitney Conn, Jacob Yetzer, Isaac Keeler, Gavin Graves, Jessica McCray, Alexandra Young, Sam Benchek, Tuesday Leuschen, Lindsay Nyari, Riley Peterson and Brady Davis.

For Columbus, the winners are Robert Brown, Samantha MacNabb, April Messenger, Logan Munsee, Gloriana Proper, Zane Thomas, Bryce Xander, Kaitlyn Nichols, Cassidy Suchar, Shaun McCormick, Matthew Proper, Kurtis Martin, Megan Gourley, Julia Bimber, Kasi Reedy, Kevin Slye, Theresa Eck, Rene Brigham, Jon Dorman, Amber Gray, Riley Hajec, Kylie Tucci, Dakota McElravy, Teresa Nichols, Emily Steffens, Holly Volk and Karlee Xander.

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