Louise Ladd and family

In back, from left, are Angela Koelsch, Sophia Koelsch, Pat Aquino, Paschal Aquino, Madeline Aquino, Josie Koelsch, Bernie Koelsch. In front are Sally Ladd, Louise Ladd and Bonnie Aquino.


The family of Louise Ladd would like to thank all of the friends and family members who sent her birthday cards for a recent card party to celebrate Louise's 100th birthday. 

Lousie's family was hoping people would send her 100 birthday cards and said Louise has received nearly 100 cards. 

"She enjoyed each and every card," said Bonnie Aquino, Louise's daughter. "She especially enjoyed the cards with notes written from friends and family that she has not heard from in a long time.

"She also received many texts and phone calls not to mention flowers and gifts," Aquino added. "Thank you all for helping to make her day special."

Those who attended Louise's birthday party on Jan. 4 were her daughter Sally Ladd from Silver Spring, Md.; granddaughter Angela Koelsch along with her husband, Bernie, and their children, Josie and Sophia, from Silver Spring, Md.; and grandson Paschal Aquino and his daughter, Madeline, from Orlando, Fla. 

Also, Louise's niece Marlene Bliley and her husband, John, formerly of Corry; great-niece Aimee Sifford and her husband, Bear, and daughter, Mable; niece Susan Blakslee and her husband, Doug, from Northeast, Pa.; and Gary and Marylin McCray from Corry. 

Louise's niece Beverly Bayllog and her husband, Karl, from Union City suprised her with a visit on New Year’s Day. 

Louise lived in Elgin with her husband, Howard, until 2016. They were both born and raised in the Corry area. Howard passed away in 2017. 

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