Corry Snowfall 50-50 offers opportunity to predict winter

The Corry Community Development Corp. is holding a “Corry Snowfall 50-50” contest where residents can take a chance at predicting this year’s snowfall total. Snow totals will be measured by Gerald Owens, right, who has been trained by the National Weather Service. With Owens is CCDC member JT Colwell. Contributed photo

The Farmer’s Almanac? Wooly caterpillars? A scientific database of recent snowfall totals? Or perhaps that old broken bone that tells you when bad weather’s coming.

Whatever your method for predicting how easy or hard the coming winter is going to be, the Corry Community Development Corp. has a new opportunity to put that method to the test.

CCDC — a nonprofit organization with a goal of community improvement — has instituted the “Corry Snowfall 50-50,” a contest designed to raise funds for the organization and have some fun with Corry’s famed winter weather.

“Corry is known for its snow, so we thought we’d make some lemonade out of it and turn it into a contest,” said Dave Sample, president of the CCDC board of directors.

CCDC is selling up to 500 tickets at $10 each, on which participants will guess how many inches of snow will fall on Corry from the first snowfall of the winter through April 9, 2010. The snow total will be as measured by National Weather Service snow recorder Gerald Owens, who is taking that responsibility over from Bruce Burr of Wayne Township.

The closest prediction wins 35 percent of the final pool up to $1,750, the second closest 10 percent up to $500, and the third closest 5 percent up to $250.

Burr’s recent totals include 221 inches last winter, 161 inches in 2007-08, and 232 inches in 2006-07. The lowest snow total in recent history is 95 inches in 2001-02.

“This’ll give everybody something to shoot for this winter, and help CCDC carry out its mission at the same time,” Sample said. “We’d also like to hear from former Corryites who have moved to warmer areas but would like to support CCDC and watch the snowfall totals from afar.”

CCDC was formed 10 years ago to carry out initiatives identified as part of the original CorryVision strategic planning process, and is currently facilitating the follow-up “Corry 2020” visioning process.

Other CCDC efforts have included the welcome/gateway signs to Corry, facilitating the Route 6 Heritage Communities program, getting the former Widmann building in downtown Corry out of bankruptcy so it can be rehabilitated, starting a residential blight-removal effort, creating the downtown David L. Nichols pocket park, acting as a grant pass-through mechanism for community groups and organizations, and more.

In addition to Sample, tickets are available from CCDC board members Alex Gernovich, JT Colwell, Dave Maryott, Cheryl Capela, Chris Ostergard, Greg Bowes, Mike Largarticha, and CCDC advisor Steve Bishop. They are also available for sale at Rossbacher Insurance, Corry Lumber, Sander’s Market, the Corry Higher Education Council, and Clark’s Glass in Elgin.

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