Spartansburg Grange.

Beautiful autumn weather last week allowed workers to remove the foundation of the Spartansburg Grange. The foundation had been crumbling into the basement of the landmark, threatening the structure's integrity.

SPARTANSBURG — The Spartansburg Community Foundation recently began repairs to Spartansburg Grange No. 110, located on Main Street.

SCF has held numerous fundraisers for the past few years in hopes of obtaining the capital necessary to save the structure. In early July, The Corry Journal reported that the foundation was crumbling into the basement, resulting in large holes where rain could enter, accelerating the damage.

Thanks to fundraising events and the generosity of private donors, reconstruction of the north and west foundation walls began in the final week of September.

The work is being done by Don Vanderhoof Masonry and Scouten Excavating.

“The west wall had the most damage and was falling in on the front corner,” said SCF president Laurie Patterson. “We received a donation from Dawn Albers, Jodi Miller, Friendly Neighbors group and an anonymous donation that really allowed us to begin the project.”

Patterson was quick to thank community members who have continued to care for the property even in its state of decay.

“Community members such as Dave and Coleen Bishop take care of the lawn and remove the snow on the sidewalk,” Patterson said. “Dale and Bonnie Dorman trimmed the bushes at fair time so they were presentable, and the water pump was not working so we had to ask Lee and Sue Culver if we could use their outside water and hose."

Due to the overall scope of the project, the SCF has planned the renovations in phases.

“The repair of the grange is going to take a lot of money and resources, so I’m looking at it as a multi-phase project,” Patterson explained. “What we’re doing now I consider to be Phase 1, and Phase 2 would be to complete the foundation and drainage around the rest of the building.”

Over the coming months and years, other portions of the building will need to be repaired or replaced. A big-ticket item will be a new roof. Then there are the many repairs that will need to be completed on the inside of the building.

“We’ve inquired about grants but, we’re told, ‘grants don’t grow on trees,’” Patterson said. “So, we continue to hold events and hope that now we have started the project, more people will be willing to help out with the cost.

“We have had quite a few people tell us they went to school at the grange, they went to the square dances, Girl Scouts meetings, Starette practices and birthday parties, the list goes on. We want the community to be able to have events at the Grange again.”

Upcoming fundraisers and events include Bags & Bling Bingo on Oct. 30, tickets are $30 per person; the Community Halloween Party for Kids, which is free for everyone; veterans eat free at a Veteran’s Day dinner on Nov. 11; and Christmas in Spartansburg is on Dec. 3 and 4.

“We are currently planning on including the Grange for Christmas in Spartansburg, but we don’t have all the details ironed out yet,” Patterson added.

Until the grange is operational, all events are held at the Spartansburg Fire Hall.

Donations are appreciated and can be mailed to Spartansburg Community Foundation, 242 Main St., Spartansburg, PA 16434; or for PayPal donations.

Contact Laurie Patterson with any questions at 814-873-1907.

For event times and progress updates of renovations, visit the Spartansburg Community Foundation Facebook page, or their website at

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