A virtual block party to discuss the next steps in a more than $400,000 home beautification and improvement project will be held on Thursday and hosted via Zoom by Impact Corry and its Renaissance Block Project Team.

This event will take place immediately after a much-anticipated announcement by the Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority (ECGRA), also scheduled for Thursday.

That day, ECGRA is expected to reveal its 2020 Renaissance Block grantees and the amount of matching funds that have been designated for each applicant’s project.

Impact Corry applied for $100,000, the maximum an organization may be awarded. The outcome of the grant designation will be discussed during the virtual block party, and residents will have a chance to share their reactions and ask questions.

Impact Corry will also discuss additional funding efforts in process to tackle this large project.

The first phase of the Renaissance Block project specifically will focus on 36 homes in the neighborhood of School House Block. Residents there previously applied and competed for a chance to be eligible for the improvements.

Another topic of discussion during the block party will be an additional Impact Corry initiative called Hiram and Hill, a volunteer effort in which neighbors help neighbors clean up and fix up public and private property. Ideas and suggestions of how to move the program forward while being mindful of COVID-19 are welcome.

In addition to the School House Block, Park Place, Hiram’s Haunt, and Bear Creek Trestle neighborhoods, residents throughout the community are invited to attend, learn more and participate in crowdsourcing beautification efforts while staying healthy.

“We are hoping to bring this matching grant opportunity to all Corry homeowners over time,” said Pat Goodsel, president of the board of directors for Impact Corry. “We are excited to begin Phase One of Renaissance Block in Corry.”

Each School House Block homeowner was eligible to apply for a dollar for dollar project match of up to $5,000. Some residents have committed to larger projects, but match funds still cap at $5,000. Some residents committed to smaller projects. For example, a $2,000 project would be eligible for a match of $1,000. And, a $5,000 project was eligible for a $2,500 match.

School House Block includes portions of Wayne, Wright, North Center, East Irving, Bond, East Congress, East Frederick and Gould streets in downtown Corry.

To participate in the virtual block party, use the following meeting ID and password to log on via the Zoom app — ID: 919 8057 3793, password: 808806. To call into the meeting, dial 1-929-205-6099 and enter the above password.

For more information about this event, visit Impact Corry’s Facebook page.

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