Renaissance Block Matching Grant Program

At a 2020 Renaissance Block Matching Grant Program informational meeting, 72 people showed up, out of 90 RSVPs. There were 66 residents that filled out application forms and about eight people volunteered to be neighborhood leaders.

An informational meeting for a 2020 Renaissance Block Matching Grant Program took place at the Corry VFW Post 264, 1151 Mead Ave., on Wednesday, with 72 people in attendance.

Renaissance Block Matching Grant Program is a grant program offered by Erie County Gaming Revenue Authority that is a dollar-for-dollar matching grant home beautification program.

Each homeowner will be eligible to receive up to $5,000 per family home or multifamily structure.

After a presentation, Impact Corry team members fielded questions.

Impact Corry representative Pat Goodsel said the main questions asked were about the kind of work that is eligible for inclusion.

"I think that people were excited," Goodsel said. "We had a lot of questions about what they could do. We explained that it was everything facing the roads whether it be windows, landscaping, sidewalks, driveways, gutters or whatever."

By the end of the meeting, 66 residents turned in an application and, in the four neighborhoods that can participate in the grant program this year, about eight people volunteered to be a neighborhood leader. A neighborhood leader will be the person responsible for coordinating communication between participating neighbors. 

“I really think this grant will help to revitalize our community,” said Corry resident Pam Spitman, who attended Wednesday’s meeting. “Getting matching funds to help pay for outside home upgrades can have a domino effect on the neighborhoods.”

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