The Corry Kiwanis held a duck race on Alice Lake at Mead Park as part of the Glenn Mead Day’s festivities Aug. 9. The race was a fundraising event for the Kiwanis scholarship fund and community activites.

More than 375 people bought a ticket. The race, once a paddle boat and a leaf blower got things moving, took between 20 and 30 minutes to complete.

The Kiwanis Club raised close to $1,800 from the event.

The first-place winner received a $250 cash prize, and the second-place winner received a $100 cash prize. The third-place winner walked away with a lithium battery smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector.


1. Nicholas Scouten

2. Pam Mitchell

3. Pat Miser

4. Larry Dickson

5. Dave Benson

6. Mike Bowen

7. Wanda Dillon

8. Marilyn Wozneak

9. Gerry Dahl

10. Jim Terrill Sr.

11. Josh and Vicki Brown

12. Donna Nickerson

13. Evan Melnichak

14. Lisa Kasper

15. Betty Jo Gentilman

16. The Clarks

17. Keaton Frisina

18. Todd Bowen

19. Vicki Gates

20. Jen Proctor

21. Tom Dawn

22. Ann Myers

23. Abbey Helmer

24. Linda Raun

25. Wendy Munsee

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