Clymer Central School District recently announced the “Pirate Pride” students of the second quarter. During each marking period, faculty members nominate students in grades K-3, 4-6, 7-9 and 10-12 they feel are demonstrating leadership, academic improvement/excellence and service to school or community.  

“Pirate Pride,” the Character Education Committee, reviews the nominations and selects one student from each of the four grade level divisions.



• Peightyn Rzepecki

The K-3 Student of the second quarter is first grader Peightyn Rzepecki. She is the daughter of Julie Rzepecki & Peter Hetherington and Brad Rzepecki. Her favorite school activities are math, science, recess and doing words with Mrs. Persons. After school, she likes to play with her mom and be kind to mom, Peter and Blake.  

Some of her hobbies include playing board games, tag, hide-n-go seek, Awana, drawing and art stuff. Peightyn says, “I am really good at gymnastics, exercising and jump rope.”  She practices kindness at home by being nice and respectful.

When Peightyn grows up, she would like to become a nurse or a teacher. Peightyn’s mom and Peter are her heroes because, as Peightyn states, “They keep me safe.”  

Peightyn was nominated and selected because she is new to the school and had a tough first marking period understanding her own emotions, self needs and just being new. With many talks and much support, Peightyn has turned a new leaf. Peightyn is a helper in the room, cares for her classmates and is working super hard (even though academics are tough). Peightyn is showing pride in her own work and is always telling others how well they are doing. She is an amazing little one who has worked hard at becoming a better person. 


• Caitlyn Kriner

The 4-6 Student of the Second Quarter is fifth grader Caitlyn Kriner. She is the daughter of Deejay and Amy Kriner.  Caitlyn’s favorite school activities are art, gym, math and chorus. When she gets home from school, she enjoys cooking and playing with her pets. 

Her favorite hobbies include softball, soccer, Awana, Girl Scouts, making crafts and fishing.  Caitlyn says, “I am really good at art, baking and running.” She practices kindness at home by helping her family and cleaning the house. Caitlyn wants to be a cook when she grows up. When asked who her hero is, she responded, “My mom, because she is caring, sweet, smart and helpful.”  

Caitlyn was nominated and selected because she has demonstrated that she is a hard worker and she's very kind to her fellow classmates. When given work to complete independently, she shows perseverance by working until the task is completed and when she doesn't understand something she is very good about asking questions. She also does a fantastic job of working with other students during small group assignments and is usually a quiet leader amongst the group.


• Lucas Dunnewold

The 7-9 Student of the Second Quarter is eighth grader Lucas Dunnewold. He is the son of Marie Dunnewold and Darrell Dunnewold. In school, his activities include playing trumpet in concert and jazz band. He plays modified basketball and baseball and is on the varsity cross-country team. He is a member of Future Farmer’s of America. Lucas has earned awards for basketball and has been on high honor roll multiple times.  

His hobbies include playing basketball, video games, baseball, cross-country running and hanging out with friends. He wants to attend the University of Michigan and major in engineering.  

Lucas was nominated and selected because he comes to class prepared every day with his materials on his desk ready to go. He takes initiative in the classroom and participates very well. He is a leader and sets an example for his peers. He is not intimidated by complex problems, but sets out to find the answer and seek help when he needs it. Lucas is a great example of Pirate Pride.


• Anna Burnett

The 10-12 Student of the Second Quarter is 10th grader Anna Burnett. She is the daughter of Jeremiah & Amber Burnett and Katie Burnett. In school, she participates in volleyball and basketball.

Her favorite hobbies are snowmobiling, four-wheeling, painting and horseback riding. She wants to attend BOCES next year but is undecided on a career path at this time. Anna was nominated and selected because she always comes to class prepared, and ready to learn. 

P — When assigned difficult assignments or tasks, Anna completes them to the best of her ability, and doesn't give up when she's challenged. 

R — Anna is always respectful to teachers and her peers. She can often be heard encouraging her peers to be nicer to one another, and she is a shining example of what it means to respect the classroom and school expectations. 

I — Anna is not a student who will be seen misbehaving or being disrespectful, and when peers were caught cheating, Anna was the only one to avoid the situation. 

D — Anna is never a discipline issue. 

E — Anna consistently turns in her assignments on time, and they are completed to the best of her ability. She is a GREAT peer role model when it comes to this.


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