Michelle Vitaliz was commissioned to illustrate a recreation of a severed head to assist law enforcement. Dr. Tim Thompson sits in awe as he embraces Scottish culture and majesty. Dr. Mary Paniccia Carden knows that women haven’t gotten the appropriate credit for revolutionizing Beat literature in the 1950s and 60s.

These three Edinboro University faculty members are among a vast collection of individuals who have a story to tell — beyond the classroom walls and lecture halls.

Residents are being invited to listen each month, as Edinboro University delivers a pod-cast series —“Tartan Talks” — to tell these stories. Edinboro recently launched the trailer episode of “Tartan Talks” as a preview to the official Sept. 3 launch.

On the launch date, listeners will be able to stream or download the first three episodes of “Tartan Talks” — “Women Writers of the Beat Generation,” with Dr. Mary Paniccia Carden; “Spirit of the Scots: Edinboro’s Scottish Heritage,” with Dr. Tim Thompson; and “’Investigative’ Arts” with Michelle Vitali.

In conjunction with the second episode, listeners will hear bonus content from Edinboro University student-musician Mia Harvey, an expert on the bagpipes. “The stories of Edinboro University faculty, staff and students are essentially what make this campus a special place to be,” said Christopher LaFuria, manager of communications at Edinboro and podcast host. Tartan Talks is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher or anywhere else podcasts are available.

Following the initial release in September, Tartan Talks will be published twice each month, with a special holiday program in December. Residents are invited to learn about what happens at Edinboro University beyond the classrooms —beyond Edinboro. And how there’s a deeper story to the faces seen around campus.

Tartan Talks is sponsored by the Office of Marketing and Communications at Edinboro University. Music and sound provided by Storyblocks and Chad Crouch of Podington Bear.

Check the program out online at www.edinboro.edu/tartantalks.

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