Officials from the Corry Artists’ Guild have announced the winners of a judged art show that took place during CorryFest’s Sunday in the Park. The winners are:

Children's categories

Ages 5 and under

First place — Janaya Trisket, "Birthday Surprise"

Second place — Erica Fisher, "Erica's Cousin"

Third place — Nathan Lesher, "Pink Flower"

Ages 6-9

First place — Paul Weber, "The Dog Store"

Second place — Joshua Findelus, "Robin Watercolor"

Third place — Oliva Panetta, "My Horse, Stompers”

Youth-Ages 10-12

First place — Gelinda Panetta, "Blue Daisy"

Second place — Courtney Ruth, "White Tiger Mask"

Third place — Sara Skitka, "Robert"

Teen-Ages 13-15

First place — Caitlyn Feilding, "Pizza Party"

Second place — Cassidy Utegg, "Bay Roan American Mustang Stallion”

Third place — Megan & Morgan Grenz, "I Spy"

Teen- Ages 16-18:

First place — Katu Brunday, "Mr. Speed” (photo)

Second place — Katu Brunday, " Mosaic"

Third place — Ashlai Walker, "Starry Night"

Adult’s Categories


First place — Carolyn Vanderhoff, "Nature's Palette"

Second place — Judith Snyder, "April Showers"

Third place — Wendy Neckers, "Seasons"


First place — Zach Annabelli, "Only One Life"

Second place — Amber Hart, "Autumn"

Third place — Ashley Brundage, "Mirror"

China Painting

First place — Mary Darling, "Blue Roses"


First place — Sherri Harvey, " 2-Pac"

Second place — Chris Schalles, "Seven Sleepers of Corry"

Third place — Zach Annabelli, "Vision of the future"


First place — Margie Martin, "Autumn's Golden Path"

Second place — Ashley Amoroso, “Le Cave“

Third place — Larry Scofield, (Unnamed)


First place — Laurie Ploss, "Gold Fish"

Second place — Kra Hajec, “Faceless”

Third place — David Schweigert, (Unnamed)


First place — Devin Hepler, "Sublime"

Second place — Whitney Walters, "Serenity"

Third place — Kyra Hajec, "Rose Window"


First place — Jessica Roush, "Memory Quilt of Konnyr Mae"

Second place — Kathleen Dahl, "Floral Delight"

Third place — Kyra Hajec," Star Fade"

Best of Show — Jessica Roush, " Memory Quilt of Konnyr Mae"

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