The Corry Higher Education Council recently announced its adult scholarships awarded to four area residents attending college in the 2019-2020 school year.

The Hi-Ed awarded $10,000 in adult scholarships, bringing the total awarded by the Hi-Ed since 1997 to $168,815.

“It is a privilege to continue to award the Hi-Ed’s adult scholarships to support members of our local communities reach their higher education goals,” said Brody Howard, executive director of the Hi-Ed.

While each of the five scholarships funds administered by the Hi-Ed has its own eligibility criteria, common criteria includes that scholarship recipients must be at least 25 years of age by Sept. 1, and typically either a current resident of the Corry, Union City or Clymer school districts, or a graduate of Corry, Union City or

Clymer high schools.

Awards for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:

• Timothy M. Emerson Memorial Scholarship: $500 awarded to Stephanie Pondel of Corry, attending Mercyhurst North East. The Emerson scholarship was the first adult scholarship established in Corry, and has awarded $9,950 since 1997.

• Zonta Club of Corry Adult Scholarship: $1,000 awarded to Stephanie Pondel. The Zonta Scholarship has awarded

$21,000 since 1999.

• Rebecca A. Lewis Memorial Adult Scholarship: $500 awarded to Rebekah Wallace of Clymer, attending Southern New Hampshire University. The Lewis scholarship has

awarded $8,000 since 2008.

• The Kelly Thomas Adult Scholarship: $1,500 awarded to Kimberly Amy of Corry, attending Clarion University; and $1,500 was

awarded to Samantha Hawley of Fairview, formerly of Union City, attending Frontier Nursing University.

The Thomas Scholarship has awarded $36,525 since 2001.

• The Mary Stewart Hubley Adult Scholarship: $2,500 awarded to Kimberly Amy; and $2,500 awarded to Samantha Hawley. The Hubley Scholarship has awarded $75,000 since 2002. 

“It is a very rewarding process to assist scholarship trustees fulfill their mission in providing financial support to adult students,” Howard said. 

“We are grateful to assist adult students shrink their financial barriers they face when paying tuition,” he added. “These scholarships can be a difference maker in helping individuals complete their degrees.”

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