More than 80 Warren County churches and more than a dozen local organi-zations are being invited to take part in the Warren Missions Project 2009 Survey.

Churches and community groups will be receiving questionnaires asking them to share information concerning mission or service projects with which they are associated.

The results of the information compiled from the Warren Missions Project 2009 Survey will culminate in a program presented on Saturday, Oct. 31, 2009, from 10 a.m. until noon in the Slater Room at the Warren Public Library, 205 Market Street, Warren.

The survey asks organizations to describe their project's services, history, how it originated, who receives services, and how recipients are selected.

It also asks how volunteers may participate, whether there are opportunities for youth to participate and what form youth participation will take.

There is an optional section where groups may share information about project funding.

Also, the questionnaire asks to describe the area that is being served.

Projects will include mission and services conducted in Warren County, other counties in Pennsylvania, other areas within the United States and those with an international scope.

A Warren Missions Project binder will be compiled from survey responses and copies of the binder will be placed in the reference rooms of Warren County's five public libraries.

The binders will provide a resource for people wanting to learn more about local opportunities for service work, for individuals wishing to make donations to worthwhile local projects, and for persons looking for speakers or program topics for their church or organization's meetings.

Organizations participating in the survey are being invited to include photos, brochures, or other information that would provide more insight into their projects.

Speakers for the Oct. 31 program at Warren Library will include Katherine Bowley of the Center Fabio Orphanage, Ivory Coast; Matt McKissock, Majengo Orphanage, Tanzania; Dr. Keith Price, Redbird Mission, Kentucky; and Dr. Sunny Thomas and Deacon Gail Winslow, Birds of the Sky and House of Hope, India.

Warren Mission Project organizers ask anyone who knows of a mission project with participation by Warren County volunteers to contact them by phone or e-mail so that they may be included in the survey.

Individuals may contact Karen Davis at 723-1347,; or Susan Wolfe, 723-9344, to suggest projects for inclusion or for further information regarding the Warren Missions Project 2009.

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