The Corry Historical Society met on Aug. 10 for their monthly meeting, and to honor members who are 80 years of age.

Those who have reached that milestone were favored with a basket of fruit from the historical society.

Following a tureen dinner, the evening program consisted of reminiscing about Corry’s old days.

Jim Nelson, historian for the Corry Area Historical Museum, was the speaker.

Many topics were discussed, such as where the brickyards were located, when the Vail hospital closed, and how many hospitals, hotels, cemeteries, and “Sears and Roebuck” houses that Corry had.

The regular business meeting followed. The secretary’s report was read and approved by all. The treasurer was not present at the meeting, so there was no treasurer’s report.

It was reported that the installation of the new windows by Clark’s Glass has been completed and it was a job well done.

It was also reported that a box of clippings and other items was left at the museum by an unknown person, several wig stands were donated by the American Cancer Society, and a bag of clippings was donated by Catherine Higby.

The Glenn Mead committee reported Glenn Mead Day was a success, with many visitors and a winner for each item in the Chinese auction.

It was reported by the officers of the museum that they have 14 cases of Bruning oil-based redwood translucent stain. This stain will not be used and will be offered for sale to the general public at a cost of $15 per gallon or $50 per case.

The motion to sell the stain was made by Bill Flick and seconded by Jim Hickey.

For information about the stain, call 814-664-7085.

The monies from the sale of the stain will be used toward routine operations of the museum.

It was also reported that now that the new windows have been installed in the loft, shelves will be built on the walls to allow for more organized storage of items.

The lumber for these shelves was purchased several years ago with numerous projects in mind. Some cleaning has been done, but there is still more that needs to be done.

The historical society’s next meeting will be Sept. 14 at the museum. The speaker is yet to be announced.

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