On Sept. 2, 2000, my wife, Anna, gave birth to my daughter, Brooke. It was a pretty normal pregnancy and as that day approached, my excitement grew.  

It was the big day and I sat in the hospital room with Anna at the old Corry Hospital and after a many long hours, Brooke was born.  

It’s a good day just like that! Thank you, God!

As you can imagine, having a new baby was exciting but it caused me to be very stressed, and the best way for me to relax is to go fishing … 

The next day, I was in the recovery room with Anna and she wanted to take a nap, so I told her I would leave for a couple of hours and go hit a bass pond in Spring Creek. She gave me the thumbs up.  

As I was getting ready to leave, I told her that I was going to catch a wall mount.  Anna asked what that was and I explained that it’s a bass big enough to mount and put on the wall.  Keep in mind that I had never caught a fish big enough to put on any wall, so this was crazy talk on my part. Off I went!

It was a cool September evening, about 6 p.m. and the pond was ripe for the picking. I started catching bass immediately with a spinner bait and it was a great time. I wore my hip boots and walked into the pond about 3 feet so I could get a little closer to some of the hot spots.  

The birds were chirping and after a couple of hours I began to feel a little guilty about having so much fun while my wife was recovering from emergency surgery in the hospital.  

As I was saying “last cast” for the 10th time, I saw a huge bass jump into the air. I began casting my bait in that direction to no avail. But the bass kept jumping and he was getting closer to me. I walked to my left and threw the next cast towards it and no bite. I need to leave but this fish is hungry! What do I do?

The bass was swimming at the top of the water and his top fin was hanging out of the water like a shark. I walked towards him even closer and the bass literally swam between my legs. I looked down and it was big.  Why is it swimming up to me?

And then it dawned on me, this is the wall mount!   I reached down and opened his mouth and picked him up with my bare hand.  


I walked to the car and put it in the back seat and headed for the hospital to tell Anna.  When I arrived, she asked me how I did. I told her that I caught a dozen bass and I caught the wall mount. Really? Yes, really! I went out to the car and held it up so she could see it out of the hospital window.  

When I got back into her room, she asked me what bait I used to catch it. I explained that I didn’t use any bait. When it was time for me to leave, the bass swam up to me and opened its mouth and I picked it up and headed for the car. WOW! That doesn’t happen every day.  

Today, the bass is mounted and sits on our fireplace in the living room, as a memory to that day when God brought a beautiful little girl into this world, and made sure everyone was OK.


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