Corry cheerleaders

These were holiday outfits worn by the Corry cheerleaders at the last home boys basketball game.

Bill Zaphiris, through his family, friends and of course, Ritz Candy Company, was indeed an icon in Corry. He deserved to be called "the candy man." People I met from Warren to Erie didn't know much about Corry, but they knew about Ritz Restaurant (and candy). He touched so many folks, inside and outside of the store. Whether telling a story, or listening, he made everything interesting. And he made it clear, he wasn't better than anyone else. He was just himself, often working the counter at the store or making chocolates. Here at The Journal, we looked forward to his holiday-time personal delivery of a box of candy. His family should be proud of everything he did, and he was certainly proud of how all the sons and daughters turned out. Heaven is indeed receiving an angel.


To Dan Gates and others who asked, no, I'm not retiring yet, though I am old enough. So you'll probably see me at the holiday basketball tournaments this week, then swim meets and wrestling matches. Candy Wilde was hoping to write my "Home Again" column but I guess she'll have to wait.

Joe Schrecengost got his first deer with a cross bow on Tuesday.

Birthday wishes to Eileen Downey. And thanks to so many for the wishes on Facebook. I even heard from Steve Grice who lives in Allen, Texas. Nice hearing from a former classmate, Jeff Webster, who lives in Raleigh. Another classmate, Jane Galbreath, tells me this is a "significant" birthday.

Did you see a local store is getting ready for Valentine's Day, and it's not even New Year's Eve?

In case you missed it, John Kozik and Bob Howles had birthdays on Monday.

New Year's Eve babies include Dave Hinsdale (he claims to be 110), Lucas Marsh (41), Doug Gerould (31) and Steve Grice (64).

If you live in my part of Corry, hopefully you had your garbage and recyclables out early Monday morning. There was little notification when it would be picked up being close to Christmas. The refuse people do a great job, especially in the ice and slush.

When gasoline prices go up 8 cents on Jan. 1, will you drive less? Did you know Pennsylvania has the highest gas taxes in the U.S.? With so many refineries, why is that?

Brenda Williams Nichols has a birthday tomorrow, as does Holly Lohse, while Phil Catalfu and Holly Horton are a year older on Friday.

Bowl-Aire’s Rick Holton celebrates today, as does my classmate Bob Graves, plus Katie Carroll.

With the holidays upon us, do you have any news? Email me at

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Many years ago when I was in downtown, I stopped in the store and told him that my grandfather had a candy store in Indiana. My grandfather was gone before I was born, and I have always been curious about what it would have been like in a candy store. He gave me the tour and treated me like a friend. I have always remembered that experience. His family has been so fortunate to have him.

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