One of my old classmates, Randy Troyer, retired from the Corry Post Office today. He was a class act, and he’ll be missed. Dave Turner agrees.

I also saw that Tim Beal had joined Brad Swanson for the WWCB radio basketball broadcasts. Tim, whose daughter plays for Clymer, may do some Lady Pirates’ games down the road.

I made my first trip to Speed’eez on 6, and came away impressed. They still do not have alcohol, but it’s a BYOB — so you actually can save on your bill. George is taking it slow to start with, and still has had quite a turnout. Jerry Hamilton played pool there and said that great grilled steak smell was staying with him.

Speed’eez is having a special New Year’s dinner, including surf and turf. DJ Brian Silvis starts at 9 p.m. with a champagne toast at midnight. But you must make reservations at 664-7455.

Nice to see John and Brenda White at the girls basketball tourney. John was the sports editor for many years when I worked at the Warren Times Observer. He’s now an assistant coach for the Warren girls, and was there to film Corry in action.

Special thanks to the young lady who delivered her great cream puffs to The Journal. They didn’t last long.

Apparently Steve Diduch did not enter the ugly sweater contest. If you’ve seen his Washington Redskins “hog” sweater, he’d be a sure winner.

Mike Maedje is back in town from North Carolina. He tells me guests are welcome for a visit, and you can't beat the price.

I see that Anne Gates got a visit from a Cardinal — a red bird.

For the first time in over 30 years, the population in Pennsylvania is declining. That's no surprise as Corry's population has been shrinking for many years.

On Christmas Day, the Moose Club had quite a turnout for the Steelers game, since it was only on the NFL Network. Mary Purpura, who had a birthday on Dec. 24, made some great fudge. And I found out that Stan Komenda is the head groundskeeper at the Moose.

The Moose has pork and sauerkraut Sunday along with the Browns and Steelers NFL game.

The VFW baseball bus trip is finalized. It will be on Saturday, July 1, in Pittsburgh with the Pirates playing the San Francisco Giants at 4:05 p.m. The cost is $75 a person, with discounts at PNC Park. It’s a BYOB event.

Many football fans wondered why James Conner announced his decision to turn pro two weeks before Pitt’s bowl game. I’m guessing his injury, and just 32 yards rushing, won’t impress many NFL scouts.

Isn’t Jerry Owens one of the coolest guys in town?

I’m told that Betsy Lynn now has a pet pig. She also has a birthday on Wednesday.

Ron “Mr. Music Man” Rairie celebrates on Monday, Julie “Marathon Woman” Krone on Tuesday.

Have you checked out the Sundance TV station, 281? They have morning marathons of M*A*S*H, All in the Family, Bob Newhart, Mary Tyler Moore and the Andy Griffith Show.

Elder Dan McEldowney will be on the pulpit at the First Presbyterian Church on Jan. 1 at 10 a.m.

When the Youngsville girls played basketball in Corry, they had a player named Hannah Bulard. She's the daughter of Corry High grad Tom Bulard.

Brian Patten might have a new truck, though Ed Buell tells me it’s actually his old, beat up truck with a nice paint job.

I saw that Mike Paver was in town.

John Patterson got quite a gift card from Toad. He got it on Christmas Day, and it had expired on Dec. 24.

This just in, Tim Chase will be 60-plus years old on New Year’s Day.

Finally, word is that Tamarack Tavern is open tonight — for New Year’s Eve. Just stay safe.

Any news as we reach the new year? Email me at

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