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Thanks to Doris Cervola for this Joe Vanik update. He is at Pleasant Manor, apartment 19. "Joe has a great sense of humor, likes his cigars and gives the women a run," Doris tells me. “He does a lot of walking with his neat walker. Joe will be going to California soon since his brother is there."

Liz and Jeremy Anderson were to be married June 24 in Yosemite National Park in California. With the COVID-19 virus and all, things were moved to Presque Isle in Erie and they got married last Saturday as Carrie Stec officiated. Liz, a teacher and former volleyball assistant coach, won't have to change her driver's license or any cards since she's still an Anderson. As her mom Vicki says, "she's keeping her maiden name."

Belated birthday wishes to Bella Kalika, John Maloney, J.C. Hammond and Greg Bugbee.

Birthday wishes tomorrow to Craig Myers, Erin Passinger and Wayne "Dr. Dirt" Tingley. Erika Mack and Dave Schwabenbauer celebrate tomorrow along with the prince of Clymer, Lant Lictus. This Tuesday's birthdays belong to LJ Frisina, Mary Norton, Preston Eshelman and Anna-Marie Labowski.

Barb Kenniston sure brought back memories for so many with her photo of WICU weatherperson Shirley Ramsey. Martha Karkoski said she met her at Perry's Inn. Patti Brown and Julie Jordan Carlson recalled being on the Bea Canfield Show.

It’s official, Corry's boys basketball team will be rocking the Jordan Brand of jerseys for the 2020-21 season.

As of yesterday, Mary Kay Zimmer had put up with husband Bill for 50 years. And her line is: "We have been married for 50 years, nine of the happiest years of my life."

Happy 27th anniversary to Deb and Bob Harrington and happy 21st anniversary yesterday to Jen and Mike Lesher.

The VFW thanks Kevin Amy for the beautiful flowers.

I found out that Darlene Jones Mack was called "Tornado Jones" back in her school days and she now has her own Mack machine.

Nathan Kornikoski, with a sore back, tells me that the American Legion will open again on Monday to members only. The Central Labor Club, which is undergoing major renovations, is set to reopen July 6.

Great news that Tom Gates celebrated his one-year anniversary of his transplant and he says he's doing well.

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