Dear Editor: What a great night for the Homecoming parade. As I walked through the Corry Elementary School parking lot, I saw a lot of people that worked so hard getting their floats, trucks, bicycles and cars ready for the parade and seeing all the kids laughing having so much fun. Pretty much all the floats that involved kids were of groups.

Then I saw two trucks with the “Mick Brothers” Rec Football team. My questions is: Where were the other Rec teams? If the coaches from Mick Brothers decided on being in the parade, then why didn’t they mention this to the other coaches?

I personally think this program, if it is going to continue, should be looked at before next season.

Coach DeLattre, since you are the head football coach, this program should be something you would want to be successful. If the high school’s going to vote on volunteer coaches, then I believe you should have a committee to vote on your Rec Football coaches.

I was also wondering, Coach, if you attended any practices? Did you make it to any games?

The reason behind the question is you could see first-hand how your coaches are explaining the fundamentals of football and getting them ready for junior high, junior varsity and the varsity level.

Instead, you would see them screaming and grabbing them by the face mask and acting like idiots. If you would hold just one meeting with your parents, you would certainly get an earful.

We are talking fourth-, fifth- and sixth-graders that are there to learn the game so they will be ready for your program. Instead, you have boys that do not want to play next year.

My son played Rec Football many years ago and enjoyed the experience and learned a lot. When he left the program, he knew football and he was never humiliated at a practice by a coach. I have seen and heard of one of your so-called coaches in action, and he should be ashamed of himself for the way he treats his players and showing them how to cheat on the football field.

I think the program will survive but it just needs a lot of attention. I am sure if you asked for help from some of the coaches involved in the past they would be glad to help out.

Darlene McChesney


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