Dear Editor,

I am as concerned as the next person as to the relentlessness of this virus. And yet, I look around and realize that Corry and the surrounding areas are virtually virus free. Has our governor and county executive looked at these figures? Do they realize that the majority of small businesses in Corry are owned and operated by women?  Do they realize that these women have worked and been schooled at what their businesses are promoting? These are professionals who have been taught and perfected a safe environment for their customers and clients.

We are virus free here in Corry because we  are remote location away from the hustle and bustle of the larger areas in the county and state.

As such, the business owners (especially beauty shops and barber shops) are feeling the extraordinary pinch because it has been determined that they are “not safe” to open.

These women who have worked tirelessly over the years to maintain sanitary salons are now being deprived of the ability to operate their salons and earn a living based on numbers derived from salons in larger cities and areas.  

Our salons, here in Corry, are for the most part, 1 operator/1 client salons. They are all licensed by the state and pass Board of Health inspections regularly.

Why are their entrepreneurial endeavors being squelched?

The governor and the county executive need to visit the smaller sectors of the state when an election is NOT forthcoming. They might be surprised as to what they might learn.

Claudia Montani

Corry, Pa.

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