By R.L. McCray

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Area car racing has started and Scott Gurdak is ready to drive tomorrow night at Eriez Speedway. He's raced the last couple of weeks at Bradford Speedway. He was proudly showing off a photo of his first grandson, Harrison, Greg and Sarah's son.

While Scott is busy with racing, John "Turbo" Bensink has slowed down and started his own paving business, called P2 Paving. He has raced at Lucky Speedway in Lowville but he misses being with Kurt Steadman on the big-time circuit.

That was a nice piece on Erie News Now on Viking Plastics helping Ford Motor Company make ventilators. Rob Elchynski was impressive.

Nice to see that Bruce Fuller is home after spending four months in Arizona. His son, Shawn, picked him up at the airport and they headed to Bear Inn in Canadohta Lake. I've heard that's a popular place during the yellow phase in Erie County. Jim Crowther went there and JP Catalfu is often seen there.

The Great Lakes Junior Golf Tour will be at North Hills Golf Course on Monday and Tuesday. It is called "Rumble in the Hills."

I ran into Larry Walters the other day. He's still mowing the local ball fields, even with no games. He says he feels like the Maytag repair man (who was not needed). Larry is ready to start strawberry season. 

Get well wishes to Vic Hansen, Tom's dad, after his surgery.

Happy birthday to Kevin Minnick. Matt "MJ" Jordan has a birthday on Monday along with CB Moats. Eric Gurdak, the club pro at Jackson Valley Country Club, celebrates on Tuesday.

Nice to see Sue Hicks at the VFW and Jackie Berkhous at the American Legion back bartending now that the pavilions are open.

My classmate, Jane Galbreath Cowell, posted a good thought: Make America 'kind' again.

Back when softball was king in this part of the state, there were over 30 teams in the mid 70s in the South Erie County League. Crotty was a premier team back then. One of its players was from Erie, first baseman, Roy Kavcsak. He works as a salesman for Winzer Corp. (in industrial supplies). The other day he was playing in a golf scramble with Corry's Mike Sample, the publisher of the Titusville Herald. They played at Whispering Pines in Meadville. Ray was a tough out on the Crotty team.

Jeff Parkin, Mr. Photographer, wants to thank Kim Shepard for a new green mask he can wear while shooting photos. Tomorrow is Jeff's birthday.

Did you see that Sunset Drive In is streaming the Garth Brooks concert on June 27? Tickets are $100 per vehicle.

Col. Strong Vincent, who was killed at Gettysburg, was born June 17, 1837, in Waterford. I always assumed in Erie.

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