Jack Polancy was a different bird. The longtime Erie Morning News sports editor died at his home at the age of 86. Polancy’s career spanned from 1955-99. He was always opinionated and sometimes confrontational — by choice. He once wrote that “Union City never won anything,” in reference to a Kentucky Derby horse named Union City. That sure stirred the waters. He did football predictions with a fictional computer named “Changeable Sue.” I had the pleasure of being with him numerous times. He loved to tell stories. One was about a Sunday when he was covering a Buffalo Bills game. He stopped to helped a motorist with car trouble. It happened to be owner Ralph Wilson, who hopped in with Jack. He was the guy who first called the Erie SeaWolves the Howlers. He loved covering baseball games.

Carrie Hall doubled up for her first turkey kill at Mountain Hollow Game Calls. She said it was an “unforgettable hunt.”

Kristin Ross (Nancy and Bernie's granddaughter) turned 25 yesterday. Yes, I gave her 25 cents. Bernie would have cost me 92 cents.

Marcelle Jukes Dyne's special day is today, along with Jill English. She's been in New York City on a mission trip where she helped feed the homeless. And, she was on the “Today” show.

Nicole Whiteley celebrates tomorrow, Cathy McCaslin on Friday.

Dr. Tim Gould has been spotted back working in the Corry dentist office.

Turbo and Jeanie Bensink celebrated their 18th anniversary. Jeanie’s brother, Russell (from Russell) Berkhous, had a birthday Monday. Sister Jackie says he’s either 58 or 59.

Kelly Goodsel said it was an awesome experience traveling to the AMBA (American Mold Builders Association) Conference in Detroit to speak in front of 200 industry leaders. And he got to see his daughter, Brooklyn, in the opening presentation. “It was a proud dad moment,” he claimed.

I missed it last week when Gary and Karen Whiteley celebrated their 33rd wedding anniversary.

Get-well wishes to Faith Sanders who resides at Manchester Commons, 6351 West Lake Road, Room 143, Erie, PA 16505. She’s Joey’s mom.

The EUM Church, across from the YMCA, will be holding a chicken BBQ on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. It’s $10, and takeouts are available.

Scott McCray (he was Bud in his Corry days) ran his first marathon in 21 years.

After 36 years, Tom Lutton is finally retiring. I'm sure you'll still see him out walking.

The first area golf tourney is this Sunday, the Corry Football Tournament set to start at 8 a.m. at North Hills Golf Course.

Finally, from the great obituary department. A woman’s obituary recently said: In lieu of flowers, do not vote for Donald Trump. She feared for the future of her three children if he’s elected.

Anything to report? Email me at rlmccray@thecorryjournal.com.


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