Dear Editor:

Pennsylvania lawmakers are discussing the sale of the only asset in the state government which actually pays for itself and makes money!

A sell-off of the liquor stores is like grandpa selling his apartment building to pay bills, and then being left without the rental income for the rest of his life. They claim that a sell-off would bring in 2 billion dollars and help balance the state budget; once maybe!

The fact is that the liquor stores are contributing $125 million per year to the state, year after year, and this is after all of their expenses are paid and while providing decent paying jobs to responsible people who pay taxes on that income.

If you believe the legislature will do a good job of this and make that money last, raise your hand! They will spend that money as fast as they can and then be looking for more.

For that matter, when has any legislative body handled a windfall of money in a responsible fashion?

This is a plan by the Party-of-the-Rich to help their well-to-do friends buy into a lucrative business and then the average taxpayer can make up the difference in the years to come with perhaps higher income taxes or maybe a bump of the state sales tax to 8, 9 or 10 percent.

Perhaps any proposal should include a pledge by supporters to make up out of their own pockets any shortfalls that occur due to shortsightedness of their pIan.

Selling off an excellent state asset at this time makes no sense at all, not to mention putting another 4,000 taxpayers on the unemployment rolls at a time when there is the least possibility in many years of these people finding comparable employment, many of whom were hired due to their veteran status. Nice way to treat the veterans!

Keep the stores, keep the asset, retain the profits for years to come. This will truly help to balance the budget year after year.

Wayne Tyson

Union City

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