By R.L. McCray

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There's a spaghetti dinner benefit in memory of Larry Fisher on Nov. 1 at the Corry VFW pavilion from 1 to 5 p.m. It's a $10 donation, $5 for 6- to 12-year-olds and free for kids under 5. Takeout is available. Music will be by DJ Songbird. There will be auctions and baked goods. All proceeds go to support Larry’s 13-year-old daughter Erica and his wife Laura.

Golf season is about over. Joleene Alderman is leaving Union City Country Club after 12 years, the last three as the general manager. Guess she'll have more time to play pickleball. I recently saw a photo of a tree planted on No. 7 at the UC course in memory of Bonnie Lyons. "That was her favorite hole," her daughter Muff told me.

Ron Rairie claims that "with an abundance of blueberries, one bakes a pie."

Jim Troyer had great insight after attending President Trump's appearance in Erie. "We have taught (my son) Z that it’s okay for people to vote for the opposite party. It’s no different that him liking the Browns and us liking the Steelers," he explained.

Today is a double birthday for Kelli Meerhoof and her daughter Lindsay who is home from South Carolina — and headed west (without Leroy Babcock).

Belated birthday wishes to Darlene McChesney and Jeff Munn. Happy birthday today to my cousin Dick Root (now 70), Ralph Amoroso (83 I'm told), Beth Rose Dolan, Aundrea Proctor, Blaine Wolf and my aunt Alice McCray who has sent me a birthday card for 50 years. Celebrating tomorrow are Dianne Hamilton and Mike Sita, Janelle Troyer and Scott Earll on Monday.

Tyler Burlew and Clymer's Henry Sullivan both turned 21 on Thursday. I remember when Tyler scored five touchdowns in one game for the Beavers.

Happy 16th anniversary to Becky and Bob Frazier. Becky is Dave and Dennis Hinsdale's sister.

Nice hearing from Ed Giacoma the other day. He's now 88 and disappointed he can't listen to the football games on the radio.

A thank you to "Popo" for the teal socks worn by the middle school football team on Nickerson Night on Thursday.

Finally, retiring Police Chief Rich Shopene said it meant the world to him to have his family with him at the police station on his last day of work as they walked out of the station as a family. His sons Zac and Alex rode in the police car when he made my his last pass and called out of service for the last time. So many memories.

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