Who says you can't go home again? Jeff Burrows is doing that, well almost. Jeff has purchased the house on Frederick Street next door to where the Burrows children were raised. "It needs work, but that's what I do," Jeff told me. He’s great at fixing up things for other people, now he'll be doing it for himself.

Nice to hear that Paul Kubich stopped by to see my uncle Willard McCray the other day. They have been talking farming for decades.

I see that Morgan Woodin of the Kent State University at Ashtabula admissions office was on the Mix Morning radio program.

Tomorrow is National Chicken Wing Day. How appropriate, since Wednesday is wing night at several local places.

Julie Krone and Denny Foley did a 25-mile bike ride on the Allegheny River trail through the Rockton and Kennerdale Tunnels. Some of us have trouble driving 25 miles.

Belated 92nd birthday wishes to a special lady, Maxine Pelican. Also to Wendi Hamilton, my semi-niece, at least she still calls me uncle Bob. And to Becca Sacchetti (23 yesterday) and Joe Kasper (Sunday).

Celebrating tomorrow are my cousin Jeff McCray, Mary Kay Zimmer and former city policeman Dick Henry and Thursday Anne Gates, Jerry Owens, Rod "Pops" McCray (another cousin) and Shirley Chamberlain Hammerlee. Deb Morgan's birthday is Friday.

The First Friday Photo Contest is on Aug. 7 with two categories, 17 and younger or 18 and older. Lori Smith Albert says you can enter at Little Annie's, 37 N. Center St.

Kudos to WJET TV (Action News) for coming to Columbus for the trap team's national championship event, to Corry for the car wash benefit for the Avery Strong program and to Union City talking to Frank Snyder at the softball tourney held there over the weekend.

I see the new sign is up at Jin's China Kitchen.

Congrats to the Haz Benz who won the Kim Kuzma Softball Tournament. It helped having the Cressleys, Aaron and Jeremy, plus Allie Williams with her dad Kevin coaching.

My sympathy to the Misers, Pat and Carroll, on the passing of their dog Dutch yesterday. Memories will last forever.

Congrats to Megan and Daniel Scouten on their marriage. I wonder if his dad Scott wore shorts.

Today starts Lucas Peterson's journey to being a great Marine. You'll do well.

Glad Bruce Burr eventually remembered his fifth anniversary with his wife and premier photographer, Jill (McCoy).

Anything to report? Email me at rlmccray@thecorryjournal.com.

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