By R.L. McCray

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Being a Corry Journal paper boy can be a great learning lesson. Roger Wenzel, a 1970 Corry grad, posted his memory on “You Might be from Corry.” He was a business owner at 14, an independent contractor in the printed news sector, a Corry Journal delivery boy. Some one lended him the $11 required to “launch” him into capitalism. The route of 48 customers did take nearly two hours to complete. Barney's Firestone was just down the street from The Journal and they had a “Paper Boy Special” in their bicycle department. Thanks to my mother, Roger got a heavy duty bike with three baskets and a horn/light combination that he paid for in weekly installments. “I learned a lot from my first career — customer service, finance and a respect for a basic work ethic,” he claimed. “I became a business success at 14 and used the tools that I acquired for the rest of my working life.” Wenzel now lives near Butler on an alpaca farm.
The Union City class of 1970 is planning its 50th year reunion for Aug. 14-15. Contact Wanda (St. John) Crone at 386-590-0320 or by email at for info. She’s looking for date of birth, spouse, photo, email, phone number, address and short bio.
Softball umpire and Strong Vincent re-enactor Tom Hansen has been hired to work at Home Depot, in Erie, at the Peach Street location.
Now that’s it been a week, do you believe Punxsutawney Phil's forecasts?
Nice seeing Margaret Ginn the other night. Her sister is in town from upper New York state for girls hockey tournament in Erie. Margaret’s granddaughter, Mark’s daughter, is playing in the tourney along with her sister’s granddaughter. “Maybe the cousins will play against each other,” Margaret said. She was a longtime nurse at Corry Memorial Hospital.
If you missed Rob Elchynski’s letter on Thursday’s sports page, it’s well worth reading. He’s been there from the beginning with this group of Corry basketball players.
Jason McCray’s birthday is today, Gary Whiteley celebrates tomorrow, Tom Kalika and Suzanne LeCog Martin on Monday. Brenda Catalfu’s special day is Tuesday.
Finally, why does a round pizza come in a square box?
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