1967 features the state championship bowling team

This photo from 1967 features the state championship bowling team, the Chinese bandits. In front are Lanny Fitch and Dan Dunnewold. In back, from left, are Dan Corbett, Dan Clark and John Bracken. Corbett and Bracken have passed away.

Saturday at Bracken Field will not only be opening day, where all the players on all the teams are introduced along with the coaches, but there will also be a special tribute to JW Bracken, who passed away recently. He coached in the Corry Little League program for 32 years -- with eight championships to his credit.

All former UAW players are encouraged to show their support for their former manager. Anyone who played for Bracken is asked to report to Bracken Field by noon. Those players will later go on to the field to be recognized as part of the Bracken legacy.

If you get the chance, phone Angie Burlew at The Journal to let her know you'll be there.

Is it true that Melvin Thomas has a "harem" when he meets with the women from the class of 1969?

Here’s a nice line from Rev. Lynn Cirigliano: I don't care for math, except in one area ... I love to count my blessings.

Candy Hess has some good news. Her son, Kolin Sturges, turned 8 on Monday. And her daughter, Erika Riker, signed her soccer scholarship to attend Mercyhurst North East.

Oops. In fantasy baseball, I forgot two of the mainstays, S&S: Sally Szymecki and Dan Sabat. The Clymer Leagues held their drafts at the Corry Country Club and I saw on Facebook that Brady Deuink was taking his Yoo-hoo like a man.

Craig Catalfu and Julie Black have birthdays this Saturday, and Julie really is 29.

They held a nice retirement party for Linda VanderSchaaff at the Library Bar & Grill. She'll still pop in to Corry Laser every now and then.

John Patterson learned the hard way that his fire extinguisher works just fine, even when you don't mean to pop the pin.

The Tamarack Tavern Golf League will hold a meeting Thursday at 7 p.m. at Tamarack.

I see that Munsee’s Market is opening soon.

Like Bugs Bunny, Richard Skalos made the wrong turn in Albuquerque and ended up in Portland, Oregon. He now has correct directions and should be back in Dodge (Corry) by the weekend.

Tom Hansen tells me that the Cushing’s Taylor’s Civil War re-enactors will be shooting off the cannon tomorrow night at the Erie SeaWolves home opener.

Thumbs up to Tatia, Kim, Adrian and Janet for doing a great job at the Bowl-Aire Classic League banquet Monday night at the VFW.

Melissa Nyweide had a birthday yesterday as did Dr. Sreedhar Rama. Homer Williams celebrates No. 50 today and Jackie Upperman’s special day is tomorrow.

Ali Soety and Darrin Thomas have a new baby boy, Trey Taylor Robert Thomas, born Monday in Erie. That makes Kim Steuart a great aunt for the eighth time.

Anything to report? Email me at rlmccray@thecorryjournal.com.

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