The YMCA of Corry, a fixture of the community for over 100 years, is a community asset that has worked to build healthy mind, spirit and body for countless people since its inception.  With a staff of over 70  who are dedicated to providing a friendly face and excellence in programming, education and training, the Y is a success story in our small town and continues to push forward to improve, adapt and grow to meet our community needs.

Some may think of our YMCA as a gym. It may be a place of de-stressing after a long day of work by using the fitness facilities. Many utilize the Norm and Norma Merritt fitness center and our Rex building for strength training, preparing for a race, recovering from injury, or providing general health through physical activity.  

In 2007, the YMCA completed a major renovation and kickstarted a focus on continual improvement of fitness facilities and programming. The YMCA offers programming such as indoor cycling - spin, body pump, yoga and Tai Chi, to name a few. In addition, the always refreshed fitness center houses over 30 pieces of equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, bikes and a free weight section with numerous weights, benches and strength training systems.  The Y offers personal training to help develop exercise program specific to your needs, health status, limitations, and desires.  

You will find people new to fitness and people with decades of experience using our YMCA facilities.  You will find friendly faces, and smiles and encouragement in meeting your specific goals!

But our YMCA is more than a gym …

Our aquatic facility, the Arlene and Bruce Smith Natatorium, houses a 25-yard pool with conditioned space and full locker and shower facilities. Our staff works to provide quality programming for swim lessons, aqua-robics, lifeguard certification and has scheduled times for lap swim and family swim time.  

The pool is home to the Corry Otters swim team and hosts swim meets with out of town guests getting a chance to experience our YMCA and community.  It’s hard to understate the impact our YMCA pool has had on our community.  A vision of past board members, the pool facility at our YMCA is a vision realized and has helped many and provides lifelong benefits.  

Can you imagine where our children would receive swim lessons without our YMCA?  

But our YMCA is more than a pool …

The Corry YMCA provides quality daycare/childcare services through sixth grade. The friendly, well trained, staff works hard and has achieved a 4-Star rating with Keystone Stars. Preschool and Pre-K Counts programs prepare our young people for a future of learning. And summer camps and before/after school offerings round out opportunities for our young people to be engaged in a friendly, educational and healthy atmosphere with people who care. 

The YMCA Tumbling Tigers program has blossomed and become a competitive gymnastic team that travels across the US.  

Our Corry YMCA is working to build up the next generation of children in our community and promoting healthy lifestyles and choices.  With over 1,850 members, the facility sees a lot of use, touches a lot of lives, and has a large impact in our small town and surrounding areas.  The recent seventh-grade initiative provides a free membership to each seventh-grader in the CASD and gives kids a chance to interact in a safe and fun environment. 

This is made possible through the generosity of donors inside and outside our community who have a passion for our Corry YMCA. This program has provided free memberships to over 500 seventh-graders since program inception.

It’s hard to count the ways our YMCA has improved Corry.  We hear many stories from folks of all ages who recall how the YMCA changed their life, provided support, and helped them meet their goals.  

Alumni return and fondly recall the days from the past with good times spent at the Corry YMCA.  And today, with our largest membership ever, we continue to make new memories and impact lives.

The YMCA is an important part of Corry.  As a nonprofit organization, the YMCA is a mission driven organization. Funding for the YMCA comes from several areas. Membership income accounts for  about 20% of the total YMCA income. An important part of our income comes from donations made to the YMCA.  

Each year, the YMCA raises funds to support the mission, provides subsidies to lower income members, addresses maintenance issues, and grows an endowment to perpetuate the YMCA for future generations.

Our local YMCA can use your support for a new campaign. We have a goal of raising $554,000 to address the next three years of mission support, maintenance, endowment growth and fund a large roof project that desperately needs to be completed.  

During the upcoming Erie Gives campaign, we ask that you consider the Corry Y as part of your giving. Every dollar helps, and we appreciate the support of our local foundations to help promote nonprofits, such as our YMCA, and who provide matching funds.  

Your gift grows on Erie Gives because of the support from the Corry Community Foundation, Erie Community Foundation and other partners.

If you haven’t been at the YMCA for a while, we encourage you to stop in and take a tour. The friendly staff is excited to meet you!

  • Shawn Gross is a board member and volunteer for the Corry YMCA.






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