Dear Editor,

Last Saturday’s paper had a very aggressive article on why girls’ basketball coach, Meghan Sisson, should resign. When I first read it, it was like Wow! That’s really strong. It came out more like a slam job on her and the program than I was comfortable with.

I’m sure it blindsided her. My first thought was, did Bob Williams have an agenda that I wasn’t aware of? When I called him, he said he did not have an agenda. It was just about what was best for the girls.

My next thought was, is he now taking on the role of deciding who needs to resign from their job?

As a former coach, parent and athlete, I know for a fact that some people will like you and some won’t. Only those that hire you should decide if you can stay. Parents, fans and small-town newspapers editors should not have a say. Bob, being a former coach, should know better.

Coaching is hard and it’s difficult to find coaches. The fact that Corry softball has not won a District 10 championship since 2009 leads me to believe the program has come down from its elite status. I’m not sure if anyone called for Bob Williams’ resignation when he coached softball, but if they felt that way, they certainly didn’t have his newspaper pulpit.

I think we can come up with more productive ways to get our teams to enjoy success on the playing fields. School administrators, coaches, players, parents and newspaper editors can certainly come together in a more positive way to find solutions to differences in opinions.

Steve Frisina


Editor’s note: Bob Williams was head coach of girls softball at Corry Area High School from 2014 to 2019.

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