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I saw 2020 grads Taylor Willis and Micah Knapp at Saturday's boys basketball game. Taylor is now attending Mount Vernon College in Ohio (where my sister Teri lives) and is majoring in pastoral studies. I believe Micah is working at Viking Plastics. Back officiating together were cousins LJ and Steve Frisina. LJ worked the Prep-McDowell game on Friday, Steve did the Union City girls game on Saturday afternoon and the UC boys Friday night.
Barb Beebe was again taking photos. She showed me some interesting shots from the old abandoned rooms above the Whistle Stop. Her parents, Jeanne and Bill, are headed south. Dan Troyer figures Bill was bummed over the Steelers outcome.
Speaking of that, when Cleveland was leading 28-0, Barb Volk wondered if Pittsburgh was going to put in its first team. Barb made some great pizza balls that night at the VFW.
Special thanks to Anna Joncas for helping her husband Tim produce a spreadsheet for a playoff fantasy football league.
Jeff Parkin does appear to be everywhere. He shot photos of four basketball games Saturday, including in Corry for JV and varsity. He plans on shooting pics tonight when the Beavers play at Fort LeBoeuf.
Sympathy to Pat Goodsel on the passing of her mom. And to the families and friends of Bruce Mosher and Marcel Szymecki. Marcel was Megan's dad and Sally's cousin.
I see that Dianne Hamilton's family has become a real puzzle.
Zack Lesher made the dean's list at Slippery Rock University and is working at The Finish Line at the Grove City Outlets. Hunter Tasker also made the list.
Traci Silvis wishes her mom, Ila Long, a happy 83rd birthday on Friday.
Free Allen Dyne was home recently from Tennessee. Shawn Higley, Sandy May's son, was also home from Florida.
Happy birthday today to Pat Goodsel, John Maloney, Judy Babcock and Dan Bemis, tomorrow to ex-Corry basketball and softball coach Steve Nalepa. Backy Miller Lavery celebrates on Thursday, Cassi Brigham and Bill Sullivan on Friday.
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