Jim Harned tells me that he’s been deer hunting for decades, and every year his brother, Ken, outshines him. This year was no different, Jim bagged a 7-point buck with a 15-inch spread. Ken’s deer was an 8 pointer with 17-inch spread. So history really does repeat itself.

Brad "Catter" Kellogg is a different hunter. How'd he bag his buck on Saturday morning? At 7:05 a.m., he was just off his front deck — in his longjohns — when he spotted and downed an 8 point. It was all legal.

Delly Niggel got to share an amazing moment with her daughter who achieved her Doctor of Chiropractic from NYCC. She started by taking college classes in high school, attending Trinity College in Chicago and 5 1/2 years later walked across the stage to be hooded for her D.O.C. She is currently working at River of Life Chiropractic in Erie. Great job,  Dr. Tori Niggel.

Vanessa Vona and Steve "F" Cozad had birthdays on Monday, Bruce Fuller is a year older on Sunday.

Cub Scout Pack 79 thanks the Corry Jamestown Credit Union for the opportunity to decorate a Christmas Tree. I’m told that the boys had plenty of fun making all the ornaments from the cinnamon applesauce candy canes to the little Cub Scout snowman.

Scott Hulings has a birthday today, so just one more. Celebrating on Pearl Harbor Day are Craig “Red” Culver, Tim Giardini and Bonnie Sickler. Judy Heidler’s special day is on Friday.

Did Dave Turner turn 50 on Tuesday?

The Corry Chapter of The Compassionate Friends will be participating in the Worldwide Vigil this Sunday in the Corry City Park. The vigil will begin at 6 p.m. and there is no charge to attend. Candles and programs will be handed out before the event.

There will be a bake sale at Taco Bell tomorrow starting at 5 p.m. to benefit Kingswood Home for Children in Tennessee.

Two Corry fantasy football leagues are now in their 29th seasons — probably among the longest running in the state, if not the nation.

Did you get a “peak” at the angel above Phyllis Maloney’s front deck?

Frank Cutshall recently stepped down as Union City’s head baseball coach, the Bears assistant wrestling and football coach. “I’ll miss the wrestlers most but baseball is my favorite sport,” he admits, saying he might be able to coach American Legion ball.

Special thanks to Anne Davis for the great “Ohey-Goeys” that included a pumpkin flavor.

All Corry men are welcome to a special event on Dec. 12 at the Corry Historical Museum to see some cool history of Corry. It’s a chance to socialize and meet some new guys, and to learn about Corry history.

Anything new? Email me at rlmccray@thecorryjournal.com.

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