Gregory Maresca

The Supreme Court heard oral arguments recently that could overturn Roe v. Wade that in 1973 legalized abortion. It is the most meaningful challenge to the constitutionality of abortion – ever.

Without question, the moral and civil rights issue of the 20th century that has literally bled into the second decade of the 21st century is abortion. In its wake, nearly 63 million American souls were sacrificed in this national scourge.

There is nothing in the Constitution that grants a right to an abortion. Provided the court overturns this most egregious decision, every state would then separately consider the issue.

The United States is one of just seven of 198 countries that permit abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy. To put things in perspective, two others are North Korea and China.

At its core how does abortion run unscathed in a nation founded on the principle where all men are created equal and endowed by their Creator with the unalienable right to life? You do not necessarily have to be Christian to be pro-life. Whether you believe or not, infanticide is the willful murder of the most innocent among us.

Leftists desire lifetime cradle to grave entitlements, but their obsession with abortion makes getting to the cradle a problem. Why is it that the left only cares about “choice” when it comes to terminating a child’s heartbeat?

Polls consistently show the nation is split over whether Americans should have the right to murder their unborn children. This divide continues to poison politics serving as a litmus test for most political offices. Look no further than a recent News-Item poll where sustaining Roe v. Wade received 47% of the vote, while only 45% said it should be overturned with eight percent unable to make up their minds being “undecided.”

Perhaps support remains so relevant because the pro-aborts have been successful at downplaying the gruesome reality of what actually takes place. They casually dismiss the dismembering of a human life as if the procedure was removing an unwanted wart.

Since abortion is nothing short of butchering an infant, its barbaric procedure remains tucked away in mostly minority neighborhoods. Instead, abortion is kicked around as another political football like mandating vaccines or wading through the byzantine tax code.

Over the years, the noteworthy advances in technology have upended allegations by early abortion advocates that the preborn are not human. Still not convinced, juxtapose the horrific tools of dismemberment to those tiny fingers and toes destroys the myth that a fetus is just another mass of tissue when it obviously is a baby. Abortion is not birth control, nor is it health care. Sucking the baby out of the mother’s womb, while severing the spinal cord is cold-blooded murder.

Legalized abortion is a tragic, yet lethal symptom of the secular cancer that is metastasizing throughout our culture that has exiled biblical morality as superstition and outdated at best and bigoted and hateful at worst.

The mantra that Democrats want abortion as “safe, legal, and rare” has devolved into a “good” and “health care” and “a celebration.” CNN referred to Christians who supported the recent Texas anti-abortion law as “the American Taliban.” One of the most egregious acts of hubris was when former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo ordered the spire at One World Trade Center to be lit up in pink to celebrate their state legislature expanding abortion rights.

There have been dozens of Supreme Court decisions where the court overturned a debauched ruling underscoring the court’s independence and purpose. The Court should never be beholden to politicians, or prevailing public opinion but to the truth. In bringing attention to the segregated South, Martin Luther King Jr. quoted St. Augustine in his famous Letter from a Birmingham Jail: “An unjust law is no law at all.”

The Supreme Court’s decision is due early next summer and by no means is the battle over. The goal is not that abortion becomes illegal, but unthinkable – like slavery. Until then, this political football will continue to be passed, carried, and fumbled in each and every election.

The struggle for life will be won from within the prevailing culture rather than from any court or legislative body.

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