By R.L. McCray

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Jeff Hiner has traveled a lot of miles since wrestling season ended. But he frosted his cake. He spent an evening with "one of the most influential men" he has ever met. It's Mr. Lance Pledger, champ.

"What an enjoyable night," Hiner posted. "It's always good listening to my mentor."

Hiner then was celebrating with NCAA basketball champion Virginia.

Becky Frazier notes that it was an emotional ordeal for her husband Bob who resigned as ski patrol director of the Peek'n Peak ski patrol. "He has such a passion for the patrol and it will be hard for him to walk away," she claims.

Bob will be staying on to do the golf tournament and then will be assisting the next director into the upcoming season. So he is not completely done yet.

I saw a great picture of three generations of mighty Mitchell men, Marty, Brandon and young Ashlyn.

Julie Davis won the ladies city pool tournament.

Homer and Dorothy Humes of Clymer celebrated their 68th wedding anniversary on April 7.

Becky McClintock has a birthday tomorrow while celebrating Thursday are Julie Black, Lexi Cubero and Craig Catalfu. And belated wishes to Booner Messinger.

That was a nice touch prior to the Fort LeBoeuf at Corry baseball game on Monday at The Ballpark At Columbus. There was a moment of silence for the passing of umpire and referee Denny Smith.

The last ball game I covered at that field, Denny was behind the plate and as he always did, waved to me shooting pictures near first base.

Lonnie Peterson was on hand with the sling off his arm. He still faces weeks of rehab. Then he might be ready for the arm wrestling rematch with Leroy Babcock. The game drew three professional photographers and the two Corry radio stations.

For the record, by doctor’s orders, I’m not to lift anything over 10 pounds, nor do any bowling, golfing or skydiving. So no skydiving for me.

It must be in the blood. Former CAHS track coaches Andy Potocki and Andy Passinger were on hand helping at Tuesday's home track meet.

A new self defense class is being offered through the YMCA for ages 12 and up. Master Gary Hicks will be instructing the three classes set for April 13, April 27 and May 4 from 1-2:30 p.m. They will be held at the Rex Building across from The Corry Journal. The cost is $5 for members and $10 for nonmembers. Call 664-7757 or stop at the Y to register.

Thoughts and prayers go out to my cousin Mike McCray. He’s getting a new knee and hopefully kissing that cane good-bye.

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