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It was another interesting time in Sharon at the District 10 Wrestling Tournament. The gym is usually rocking with a full house, especially the vocal fans from Reynolds and Hickory. It wasn't like that this past Saturday. Another big difference to me was at the media table. Missing after over three decades was longtime Sharon Herald writer and editor Lynn Saternow. He's now officially retired. Also missing after over 30 years was the late Craig Phillips who passed away recently. He worked for the Meadville and Oil City papers and a number of statewide wrestling magazines.

Also at districts, Corry grad and longtime coach Jeff Hiner had his last task as head of District 10 Coaches Association. He handed out the various coaching awards from all the sections. Then he took photos of Union City's two wrestlers whom he had coached in the past.

A sign of the times was that the Sharon Herald no longer has a Sunday paper, joining the Meadville Tribune and the Jamestown (N.Y.) Post-Journal.

Sherry Bidwell tells me she started working at Corry Jamestown Credit Union on Feb. 16.

Another Sherry, Greenwood that is, was back at her desk at H&R Block. Even with the pandemic, you still have to have your taxes done.

Kudos to Bob Frazier for his honors at Peek'n Peak on the ski patrol. He started back in 1970 and five years later joined the National Ski Patrol.

I learned that with Scooter Grice turning 56 last week, that his son Brock is half his age at 28. And Scoot's daughter Betsy is not only teaching cooking lessons, she's also become an author in a book published out of Canada.

Though she doesn't look it, Nancy Clabbatz is 85 years young today. She was the director of the Corry Senior Center, retiring at age 83, but was back at it in six months. She was also a great caretaker for both Jan and George Sample.

Today is also Ronna Troyer's birthday.

Celebrating birthdays tomorrow are Jim Dolan, Allison Ahl, Amanda Mitchell, Pam Carrier and Ben Barney.

My sister Teri Pokosh has a birthday Thursday, Dave Amy, Bill McNulty and Paula Stine on Friday.

The two Corry Journal Super Bowl contest winners were Ken Berkhous and Terry "Mr. McDonald's" Cable.

I was informed that former CAHS teacher and basketball coach Harry Barkham passed away in Bemus Point. He went to North East High School and was at Maple Grove High School for 30 years after leaving Corry. 

Back to wrestling, the District 11 AAA Coach of the Year was again Nazareth's Dave Crowell, a Corry High School grad.

The DAVID Corry anniversary donation of $500, selected by Breanna Wilson, went to the Corry American Legion Post 365. Andrew Campbell and David Knapp presented the check to Tatia Brown.

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