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After seeing Saturday's article on the garden at Corry Memorial Hospital recognizing Phyllis Marchitelli, reporter Maryann Mook sends along this item. "I remember right after the hospital was constructed, several of the women on the garden council came in to the (Journal) office to see me," she recalls. "I wrote the story on the beginning of the Women's Garden of Serenity. The garden is beautiful — just like Phyllis."

Dawn McChesney is back from a visit with her son Lucas Peterson in Black Hawk, Colo. She was there for a military ball. Lucas is a lance corporal in the U.S. Marines stationed at the Buckley Space Base in Aurora, Colo., about 45 minutes from Denver. They hooked up with JC and Liz Hammond. JC is Kellie Trevelline's son.

It was a touching tribute at the VFW yesterday for the passing of Bernie Ross. There was a display listing his birth and passing dates, and by the side was a bottle of Stroh's beer, Bernie's favorite, half poured. Bernie was one of a kind.

Corry Area High School has an opening for a girls softball assistant coach and an assistant track and field coach. If you are interested, send a resume to athletic director Mike Daniels at

Special thanks to Barry Bugbee for dropping off two original Fred Marsh baseball cards from 1954 and 1955 (when he played with the Baltimore Orioles). His hometown is listed as Corry, Pa. It lists the five teams he played with and one card says "during the winter he runs his cattle ranch." Fred passed away Oct. 26, 2006, and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.

I crossed paths with Derrick Bemis the other day, he's in town to see his mom, Barb. He was in Sandusky, Ohio, and is next headed to Mississippi. He says he really misses playing fantasy baseball.

Congrats to Corry Area High School's Nate Lesher and Kaylee Pierson who were voted the Erie County Athletes of the Week. 

Kudos to Sparky and his wife Alice Ross for cooking the wings and pizza at the Union City American Legion on Sunday.

Best wishes to Father Tom Suppa on his medical procedure.

And to Doug "Double D" Brumagin as he battles a few issues. He was sure smiling after his Titans outlasted my Saints. 

I see that Phyllis Maloney Nelson has started baking her Christmas cookies.

There's a spaghetti benefit this Saturday from 1-4 p.m. at the Corry Community Center for Ezekiel Douglas Johnson Posten. It's a buffet style with salad and drinks. 

Belated birthday wishes to Zac Shopene, Jen Williams Drayer and Allison Rose Williams. Also to Bill Willis, Vicki Melnichak, Rhonda May, Lanny Fitch, Joe Catalfu and Bill Proctor. Celebrating today are Richard Skalos, Mike Comitz, Pam Brown and Sarah VanTassel. Levi Catalfu's birthday is tomorrow, Kathy Shumsky's on Thursday and Patsy Nichols' on Friday.

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